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Sunday, July 5, 2015

What Are Your Happy Memories of Summers Past?

The 4th of July is past and now it is officially summer. Think about what that has meant to you in the past, and I mean way past. Recall what it was like to be a kid on a hot summer day. What did you do? How did you spend your time and with whom?

I recall swimming every day at Portage Park Pool in the north side of Chicago watching Mr. Izzo water his pristine green lawn by hand (which we could never walk upon). I have fond memories of collecting pop bottles from the school yard across the street that were left by the boys who played baseball and using the money to buy candy (I have the cavities to prove it!). I also loved lying on the ground, watching the clouds roll by. As I write this these memories calm my mind and bring a smile to my face.

I suggest you do the same. Take a moment, for that is all you will need, and reminisce about the happy, carefree, lazy days of summer you had as a child. Sure there may be sad days weaved into your story, but this is about recalling the moments when life was without responsibility. Let the warm fuzzy memories wash over you and then go about your day. It just may brighten yours.

Happy summer!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Freedom is a State of Mind

Freedom comes in many forms and no one can give it to you. It is something you must claim for yourself.

It has been proven time and time again, imprisonment does not deter the human spirit. Nelson Mandela certainly held freedom in his vision, and even though he was held in jail for decades, he lived his true calling and helped his country. There are Vietnam veterans who have also found how they could free their spirits and their minds during their incarceration.

So the questions to ask yourself this Independence Day is “Who do I blame for taking away my freedom of …?" And then reclaim your sovereignty. It is really that simple. You are the one who controls how you think, feel and act. You are the one who imprisons yourself. Set yourself free!

In my liberty I stand,
Marnie Vincolisi

Monday, June 22, 2015

How Do You Become a Vessel of Light?

In my last blog I spoke of how we can bring the light from the peaceful places we travel, back into our cities. Today I will give you the steps to accomplish this.

We are already composed of light energy  It is within our cellular structure, but the intellectual part of us sometimes requires a visual to bring this into our awareness. There is so much that we know and feel in our esoteric being, but the thinking part of us denies this presence. In this visualization we will give the left brain the information it seeks so the right brain can feel the love.

1. Imagine, if you will, your body open to receiving the physical light which is apparent in sunlight.
2. Give this image the sensation of warmth.
3. Feel it on the outside of your body.
4. Allow it to penetrate past the many layers of your skin.
5. Follow it into your fatty tissue. Focus on a part of your body which feels tension.
6. Let the light float into your tendons and muscles, especially the ones that hold discomfort.
7. The light from the cosmos now fills each and every organ.
8. Let it intensify into any organ that calls to your attention.
9. Bathe it with this light which is comprised of love.
10. Imagine a single cell in your body. See it as a chalice.
11. Fill it with this light.
12. Replicate this image throughout every cell in your body.
13. Notice the sensation this creates. It could be a buzzing vibration, a humming sound, or something that is felt but difficult to explain in words.
14. Know that you will sense something.
15. Now you are attuned to the light which you are.
16. Allow this light from your cells to overflow into your world and those around you.

During the day, expand this light into any situation you see which requires an adjustment. Merely imagine this light overflowing from the inside out. It comes from your cells, radiates throughout your body and overflows into that scenario. That is all it takes. The light will pervade.

In the Light,
Marnie Vincolisi

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Be An Ambassador of the Light

This week I have been visiting the beautiful Sierra Mountains. There is light in our sacred mountains and no matter where you live, in any part of the world, this stands true. Our job is to bring this light back to our cities and plains for the people who reside there.  Here’s how you can be an ambassador of the light:

When you arrive in the mountains, imagine yourself as a vessel and fill yourself up with light each and every day you are in these peaks that touch the sky. There is no need for long meditations to do this, unless that is your guidance. Just visualize being a scepter that holds and directs the essence of light and love.

To be an ambassador of light on this earthly plane does not require a lot of time and effort, merely an intention. Please join me as we travel to locations outside our homes during this time of vacations and holidays. We can gather the light and the sacred energy of the places we are drawn to for relaxation and bring it back to those who are locked in the cities or their minds.

Freedom is in your thoughts,
Marnie Vincolisi

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How Does it Feel to Love Yourself?

In my meditation I was focusing on loving myself. I thought it interesting that when I said, “Marnie, I love you,” it felt different than when I said, “I love myself.” When I used my name it only encompassed this lifetime. When I said I I love myself it encompassed my entire existence — this lifetime, past lifetimes, future lifetimes, and parallel lifetimes. Try it for yourself.

1. Become still. Breathe into your quiet space
2. Say the words in your mind or out loud,”(say your name), I love you” and sit with that energy.
3. Do this in two ways; repeat your name silently within your mind and then say your name out loud. Notice any differences.
4. Now do the same thing except this time, don’t use your name. Just say “I love myself.”
5. Be aware of the difference.

By using the term “myself” you are talking to your soul. This will encompass all time dimensions and all time frames. I would be interested to see what you’ve noticed. Connect back with me and let me know.

Marnie Vincolisi

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What's Back in Your Life?

I’m having a difficult time coming up with a blog this week because I feel so at peace. It’s been raining in Colorado for over a month every day and I’m talking pouring rain. Even though it didn’t depress me, now that I see the sun I know how much I’ve missed it.

So take a moment and think about what’s been missing in your life that just came back in again and brought you joy. When you’re in the darkness for so long and the light comes in, it’s time for rejoicing.

In the light,

Monday, May 25, 2015

Thank You, I Love You

I would like to expand on the information that I wrote about in my last blog from Dr. Hue Len, author of Zero Limits. What he shares with us allows us to be 100% responsible for what is happening in our life. So when struggle shows up, the question to ask is, "What is going on in me that I am experiencing this?" It is about going into the subconscious mind and addressing the data that has been stored. Everything within us is run by information. That stored information is dictating everything that we see and feel and how we perceive it to be. Everything we see through our eyes is veiled by the data that is stored in our subconscious mind.

Dr. Lee states that if you see someone in a certain way which is disturbing and you erase those thoughts within your mind they can longer be that way. This is how master Jesus worked. The reason people were healed in his presence is because he only saw the perfection within them. He did not see the disease. He did not see the afflictions or the negative emotions. Because he saw them as perfect divine beings, they could be nothing less. In this way you are being 100% responsible. You are taking responsibility for what is triggering you within your conscious and subconscious mind that is creating a negative reaction from you.

Dr. Len says the most profound thing in practicing ho,onnopono,o is you can erase the data that has been stored in the subconscious. So when you're experiencing anger, it is the memory of anger that is upsetting you, not the current situation. This process is about falling in love with the memory. You are saying to this anger, I love you, thank you for showing up.  I'm giving you one last chance to free you. Once the data is erased, it is no longer running you. Now you are in the space of emptiness that Buddha speaks of and in that open space, pure inspiration can come through.

With this in mind, all that's really necessary is to say "thank you" and "I love you." You're thanking the memory for showing up and you are filling it with love. When you make these statements from deep within your heart, the data is erased from the subconscious mind and you will feel it in your body.

I like using these two statements better than the "I'm sorry" and the "forgiveness" statements. My belief is that if I'm sorry and I'm asking forgiveness. then I'm saying I did something wrong. In the big scheme of things, you have never done anything wrong. This frees you to be open to self-love. Every decision is a perfect decision. In the moment, with the information you had at the time, you made the perfect decision. Granted a few seconds later or hours later you might receive new information that would have altered that decision. But in the moment, with the information you had, you made the perfect decision. So your statement for ho,onnopono,o is "thank you, I love you."

Thank you for showing up in my life.

I love you,