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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Increase Your Energetic Power

You can increase the energy that comes out of your hands with a few simple steps. Even if you have not been trained in Reiki, the power lies dormant within you until you have the intention to activate it. Reiki training will allow you to become aware of how you can adjust your life and add possibilities beyond your imagination, but for now let’s look at how to intensify and increase your felt power.

Qigong (also spelled "chi gung" or "chi kung") is an ancient practice that moves energy or "chi" through your body. The movements are gentle and rhythmic. When one is unable to fully move their body due to physical restraints, the mere act of imagining the body moving will still give good results. Chi can be directed to meridian lines, specific organs, into the aura, or out into the universe.

During the coming months, I will be hosting a monthly group to see how Qigong can increase your Reiki abilities, or the power you already have, while it balances your body on all levels. The Qigong movements will sometimes be viewed on DVDs or by following me. Massage tables will be set up to help you become aware of the increased energy that will undoubtedly follow. I hope you will join us starting September 30 at 6pm (fee $20).


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Is Your Heart Self-Contained?

I have been working in my garden and noticed no matter how much I watered one of my plants it still continued to wilt. I have been contemplating this dilemma and have come to the conclusion that the problem is in the soil. I had just transplanted another plant and found that the root system was self-constrained. It did not spread out into the hard clay soil around it because the clay is not open to receiving water like the mulch around the plant. It had nothing to hold onto. This made me think of my heart.

In order for your heart to open and remain open it requires fertile soil to expand into. If you keep you heart accessible to only a few people, it diminishes its ability to develop.

The way to support an open heart is to give out love to anyone who you come in contact with during the day, and I mean everyone: the mail carrier, lawn workers in your neighborhood, a clerk, the beggars that come near your car. There is no limit to how you can open the space around your heart. All that is required is a smile, but it needs to be genuine. If you don’t allow it to emanate from your heart, it is merely a muscle movement that has no substance. If it seems appropriate, a few kind words directed at their well-being can be a nice touch. Try it out my friends and see how your heart feels.

Radiating love to you,

Monday, June 27, 2016

How to Be a Ghost Buster

As I was working with a client this last week, I discovered a new way to assist disembodied souls into their next level. If you have read Claiming Your Inner Gifts, you have seen the Life Tool that shows how to accomplish this in a gentle and unattached way. Today I would like to share my new findings for this process.

When a soul has passed out of its body through death, it does not always realize it has left this dimension. It can stay around familiar surroundings and actually feel it is an integral part of the scenarios it observes. The process to help it move on involves introducing it to advanced beings on the other side.

There are times when the introduction alone will not encourage these souls to move on and further assistance is required. Help can come from divine beings or guides. I often call in legions of angels, but this can be over powering to some life forms so now I call in divine escorts. These escorts will adjust their light and vibration to meld with the one who needs assistance. These escorts are gentle, courteous and aware of what will make the deceased being most comfortable and unafraid. I find them to be quite efficient and quick to respond to my call.

In meditation, see if you can tune into the escorts and observe if they resonate with your energies. Then use them the next time you are called upon to assist deceased beings to the light.

Ghost Busting,

Monday, June 13, 2016

What To Do About Senseless Acts of Violence

I would like to address the tragedy that has occurred in Orlando and look at another way to assist those involved. Indeed, we have all been affected by this event. By taking a different approach than prayer, we could help to balance the disturbance that has rocked our nation. Directing love is one approach, but I would like to come from a different angle. Why not look at the sound waves and make adjustments in that vein.

People are angry and confused about how and why this has happened. Voices are ringing out and need to be heard, but more will be accomplished with a calm loving approach. As you direct your compassion and thoughts on how this can not be repeated, please visualize the sound waves changing. In that way, change will occur without trying to figure out the steps that will make it happen. The mind works with images.  The words only delay the process, and yet they are needed.

Visualize the sound frequency of anger, the high pitch of crying, the impact of gun shots and loud disturbing voices. See the velocity of the waves with their high and low peaks. Now gently allow the peaks to move down until they form a gentle wave, slowly moving in a rhythmic pattern that does not disrupt the energy field around it. See these waves as melodic, rhythmic tones.

This process removes the stress that is created in the mind when it feels out of control and unable to make changes in the world. This is another way to direct heart energy into the sadness and regret created by the actions of one man. It might sound too simple to make a difference, but it will.

In my heart,


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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to Release What No Longer Serves You

Today I thought we could look at the base chakra. The general understanding is that your base chakra is the one you open to ground and connect to the earth. This allows you to be present here on earth while channeling the love of the cosmos into situations and people. But this energy center also has the ability to release that which has been completed and no longer serves you.

Let us look at the physical body. Food is taken into the body and after it has nourished you it is released through urine and stool. Using this metaphor I would like you to entertain the idea that this part of your light body can also be used to release that which no longer serves you.

In the stillness of your mind, perhaps in meditation, visualize your stressful thoughts flowing out of the lowest chakra of your body. The mind recognizes images, so to support this process, give this release a color, texture and smell. Sense it flowing down your legs, out the chakras in you feet and into the earth. Mother earth will then recycle and redistribute the energy into a useful product that will energize the planet. Nothing is lost except your unneeded concerns. This process is simple, fast and effective.

In love and light,

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday. Have you ever thought about what that day means on an esoteric level? I did and it helped me clear some sadness from my heart. On this, my 68th birthday, I woke up with a heavy heart. There was no apparent reason. In fact, the days preceding where just delightful. So I decided to do for myself what I do for my clients. I began to track to the core of this felt sensation of grief.

I could not deal with the emotions at hand right away. I lay in bed knowing that as long as my back was flat I could not reach the discovery I find in meditation. After about an hour I sat up, spine erect, and began entering into the quiet state of meditation. There I honored my existence and my decision to enter this body 68 years ago. I scanned my life and felt the heartaches and the joys, though the happiness was muted by the symphony of my tears. The joy was not denied, but in the play I was observing, it inhabited the wings of the theater. I kept repeating in my mind, “This is the day I chose to embody.”   This mantra began to open my heart and began to feel the sensations of my spirit coming into my body. It was not physical; it was mental, emotional and spiritual. I was doing my own form of rebirthing.

As I scanned the scenarios of my birth and the past 67 years, there was a floodgate of emotions. I stayed with the tears and did not try to appease what I was feeling. I simply honored the day of my birth and the decision I made at that time to experience life in this way. Unfolding before me was a deep revelation showing a pattern I had not seen before. It gave my intellectual mind something to grasp and my emotions became calm.  When I opened my eyes, the grief had lifted, and I was ready to be in the moment of my birthday, and the joy was there.

It does not need to be your birthday to experience this process for yourself. You too can do your own rebirthing. If there is an emotion that is predominant in your mind, this process will deepen your understanding of its presence. Here are the steps:
  1. Sit up with a straight spine. This sets the intention and physically aids to still the mind.
  2. Make your intention clear as to what you desire to discover in this moment.
  3. Take three long deep breaths and observe your mind and body as they switch gears.
  4. Repeat the mantra, “I honor the day I chose to enter my body.”
  5. Your intention will lead you along a memory path. Observe what is presented.
  6. If you feel sadness, anger, guilt, or judgment, just stay with the emotion by being the observer.
  7. Do not let the emotion take over. Allow it to be experienced by giving it a place to be expressed without a preordained conclusion.
  8. Even if you do not receive insight during this process, know the mere act of stilling your mind has its own rewards.
In love and light,

Monday, May 23, 2016

Don't Let Fear Run Your Mind

I would like to give you an update on House Bill 16-1320. The fear that I have seen going around the metaphysical community is that soon Reiki practitioners and others who practice various alternative healing modalities will need to be licensed by the state. Therefore I attended the DORA meeting last Monday to receive the information right from the source.

I am happy to tell you that from what I perceived, there is no need for concern. DORA assured us that they have no intention of creating a need for any more licensures than are already in place. The bill is to allow DORA to partner with law enforcement to stop the sex and human trafficking that has become a major problem in the Denver area. Reiki and other healing modalities are listed as exempt in the bill.

The concern of some in the alternative healing community is that these exemptions can be removed by DORA if there are too many complaints and arrests connected with one modality. Some of the attendees are asking for the wording to be adjusted so the individual, not the modality, becomes exempt.

I feel Reiki will not be one of the healing modalities that could be affected by these changes in the future. As I mentioned in my last blog, do not allow fear to run in your mind and affect your outside world. What you resist persists. Stay in your heart and know you create your own reality and that is what will bring peace into your being.

In love and admiration,