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Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Simple Approach

As I sit in San Francisco I am calmed by the sound of gently falling rain upon the windows (its been  days of rain so far) and the melodic music from my granddaughter Isabella playing piano. Her practice makes me ask why we repeat an activity until we get it correct. Perhaps it’s the feeling of accomplishment we receive once it is perfected and yet we allow ourselves to become frustrated in the process. Is this frustration because we have a natural tendency to make ourselves wrong? Or could it be old programming?

Whatever the case may be, the way to integrate these negative tendencies is to be present with the feelings they present. When frustration arises, rather than pushing it away and judging it as bad, why not sit with it for a moment and observe how your body reacts. Does your temperature rise, akin to getting hot under the collar? Do you notice your stomach churning, gurgling or tightening up? There is no need to make any adjustments. Merely the act of observation will create the movement required.

Energy has its own wisdom. It knows how to move and resolve itself without any direction from us. If this sounds too simple to work, why not try it out and see for yourself. So often we make things complicated thinking that the more steps there are, the better the outcome will be. Perhaps not. Give yourself a break and try the easy approach.

In the Flow,

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


When things are not moving in the right direction, even though you feel you are applying the processes you have been taught, what might be the problem? It may be because you are scattered in too many directions. This dissipates the energy so that no one thing is getting the focus it requires.

To alleviate this problem, start by making a list of the things you are trying to accomplish. Then categorize them and put the most important one at the top of the list. Stay focused on this item. Do not deviate from your plan. Your mind will want to tell you that you can multi task and get more things done, but it will only confuse you and disperse your energy.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you, not your mind. Release your mind. Send it on a vacation and pay attention to your physical and emotional bodies. They are your true messengers. Once you feel your emotional and physical body shift, then you can look at another item on your list and work with that.

Give this process time and pay attention to what you are feeling, not what you are thinking. The holiday season is upon us and it will be easy to get distracted so make a commitment to yourself. This will be your present to yourself.

Many blessings,
Marnie Vincolisi

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gratitude - It's All the Buzz

Well this is the week for acknowledging all the things you are happy you have in your life. I for one am happy to have all of you in someway connected to me, even if we have never met. You give me purpose, fill my heart with love, and make the day worth living.

Purpose if a very powerful feeling. It is what makes me get up in the morning and brings a smile to my face. When I get an idea that I can share with others it makes me excited. So what fills your day with joy? And how about being grateful for just that?

At the beginning of the month I suggested you take the entire month to notice what makes you grateful so by now you should have a pretty big list. Take a moment before you take off to visit friends and family and scan that list, even if it is only in your mind. I bet you might see that you too have a vital purpose to those around you.

Have a joyous Thanksgiving Day and remember to smile this week, even if you do not feel like it. I bet you will get a smile back!

Grateful for you

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whose Stuff is this Anyway?

Do you ever wonder when you are in an emotional turmoil if you are processing things just for yourself or could this also contain the energy from the collective or family lineage? So often we think of beating ourselves up for what we did, didn’t do, could have done, or should have done. That negative self-talk will get you. The dialogue in your head could sound like this, “ If I only knew, I could have…If I only said…, then they would have heard me. Next time I will…”

Well the truth of the matter is, you can’t change the past, the future is an unknown, and the only thing we can make different is now. The mind loves to be in charge, but it is also the mind that creates stress, confusion and doubt. How about putting that mind on vacation. Send it on a trip when it starts poking you and telling how you did not do something correctly.

And where does the mind get its information? It is not only your old stressors, but through our DNA we also run family programing as well as being plugged into collective consciousness of all that is. Now that’s a load!

So how do you know when it is your stuff and when you are just cleaning up for these other entities? One way to tell is when the usual processes you use do not work. I’ll give you an example. I was in emotional distress this weekend so I thought I would clear it with EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. It did not work. So I pulled out another form of clearing which allows me to clear into the quantum field. Then I began to get results. Some modalities work on the body but when we need to clear into the collective and back through our family lineage, it encompasses more than our physical form. That’s when it is time to step out of 3D reality and into all dimensions, all time frames and all realities.

It is not that difficult to do when you have a map.
  1. Use your intuition
  2. Release your mind
  3. Direct your spirit into a black hole
  4. Feel through your emotional and physical body what needs to be corrected

The answers are right in front of you; let your sensations direct you to the truth. If you need guidance, I am here for you.

Marnie Vincolisi

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter is Upon Us

My Winter Solace

Winter has arrived here in Colorado. It is chilly, snowy and gloomy. Statistics tell us that we have 300 days of sunshine in our glorious state so with this weather one could feel a bit down, but there could be another way to look at it.

Take a look at nature and let Her guide you to what is appropriate during this season. The plants become dormant and take time to absorb the nutrients in the soil. It is their time to rebuild and get strong to enable them to radiate their beauty in the spring. You too can slow down and look inside for what you need to strengthen yourself for the coming year.

This is called the cold and flu season and many people become ill during this time. The question is are we really susceptible to germs or is it our body telling us we do not need to go at the fast pace we’ve been going all summer?

If we do not listen to the messages being given to us, i.e., “take a break,” we could pay the price. Why not preempt the inevitable flu and slow down before your body makes you reduce your speed with an illness.

Right now, in this moment, take a few minutes for yourself. Stop what you are doing and just be still. Then decide what you can shelf for the next few days and give yourself a few hours of “me” time. I’m going to take some time to sit in the living room and watch the snow.

Sending warm thoughts your way,

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Month of Gratitude

We are racing to the end of the year and the holidays are almost upon us. Once those dates start rolling there is little time to pay attention to what is important; out spirit. So why not start early? How about making this entire month a month of gratitude? Make a list of things that come to mind that bring you joy. Or the things that you have that you know came to you because of your deep connection to Spirit. Share these observations with friends and family. This will start a chain reaction and they too will begin to pay attention to the gifts that have been bestowed upon them in their life.

When you look at that list pay attention to things on that list that you worried about but then it all came out fine. Or the items that brought you great stress and yet when you look back upon it you see that the entire situation served you at a very high level.

Allow this gratitude month to take you to a deeper level, beyond “I am happy for my ….” Look at the experiences these things and situations gave you to move you up on the ladder of light. We are doing it my light beings. We are rising above the clouds and we are IN the Light.

Lovingly I Walk with You,

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Laugh in the Face of Trouble

Do you know what your best defense is when there are difficulties to master? First become neutral to the outcome.  Next find the humor in it. There is always a lighter side so stop and look for it.

You can create a neutral energy around any situation. Imagine your body as a computer and throw the switch to the other side. I am told computers are made up of numbers – two to be exact: zeros and ones. (If there are any computer geeks out there that find I am explaining this incorrectly, please inform me.) Neutrality is within reach so try not to be attached to the end result. I use a process of correcting your body energetically so this can take effect.

Once the corrections are in place,  your psyche can see the situation in a new light. There are ways to create humor in every scenario that will not invalidate anyone or any concept. You just may find when you get others laughing, they come up with ideas that make the project go smoother and faster.

Example: Halloween is Friday, what could you do on that day to lighten a difficult situation? Be creative. You can get away with almost anything on All Hallow’s Eve.

Many blessings,
Marnie Vincolisi