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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lightening Your Load

Life is like carrying a backpack full of bricks. Every time there is an incident that is uncomfortable, you place yet one more brick into your backpack. One can become unsteady carrying this heavy load, and when something really traumatic occurs, it can cause you to lose your balance and actually fall into a dark space. When this happens, it can be difficult to get up again because of the weight you have on your body.

Rather than struggling to get up, why not start by lessening your load? Take out the bricks you can, look at them, understand these are stressors of the past that are not happening in this moment. Then place them aside as you build a small wall. You do not need to create a huge construction site, but taking out the old stressors that you have been keeping around for the last few years or even your lifetime, can help you regain your balance and move on.

Remember the mind works better with images than with words. Do not use your energy and time analyzing each brick. Merely use the image that you are taking it out of your backpack and placing it on the wall. Make it easy on yourself.

Lightening the load,

Friday, September 16, 2016

How Reiki Helps Even the Youngest Souls

Definition of accident: (noun) the inevitable result of immutable natural laws. Ambrose Bierce “Devils Dictionary.”

My 10-year-old granddaughter in San Francisco is a figure skater and fell while ice-skating before school today. She cut her chin and was on the way to the hospital so she called me for some Reiki healing. She was afraid that the stitches were going to hurt so I guided her into a gentle meditation. I had to think quickly so I asked her to think of a place that makes her feel calm and what would she be doing there. She said I like to be with Enzo (her dog.)

I told her imagine petting his soft fur, to feel his warm body and look into his eyes and feel his love. She began to feel calmer and then said to me, “Nona, when Enzo looks into my eyes he is looking into my soul.” I thought to myself, this wisdom is coming from a 10-year -old.

So today I give you the wisdom of this child with a quick meditation to relieve your stress when it creeps in. Find something that you enjoy and in your mind go there. Let the current situation or pain be placed on the side-lines while you enter into a calm state that you have been in before. And remember that if you have a pet, think of looking into their eyes and know they can see your soul and they love you to the depths of your soul.

We are so blessed with our four-legged friends on this planet!

Healing vibes,

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to See What is Really Going On

Sometimes I scare myself! I was driving alone on the highway and I began to hear a screeching sound. It appeared to be coming from the bag that was on my passenger's seat. I was shopping and I wondered if something had somehow crawled into the bag.

Racing 60 miles an hour down the road my mind began to race as well. The sound continued and my heart began to beat faster. The question that arose was, "What if this thing gets out of the bag and runs up my leg!"

I decided the best thing to do was to get off the road before I got onto I-70. But then the thought that began to plague my mind was how do I get the screeching thing out of the bag? Is it a bird that will fly away or is it a mouse or worse a rat that will run up my leg? Yikes! I know, I will stop the car and hit the bag with my purse, it will fall on the ground and I will be safe. Yes, that is what I will do.

As I moved onto the exit, I looked at the passenger window. It appeared to be closed but just for giggles I pressed the button to raise the window. The screeching subsided, my heart stopped beating so fast and my mind calmed down. There was nothing in my car but me and my imagination. Safe and sound I continued my ride up to Genesee.

How many times have you been spooked by the unseen? If you would like to research what is in your car, home, office, or property that drives your imagination wild, come to the class on September 13 at 6 PM. You will learn how to clear any space energetically without fear and be able to decipher with clear, precise knowledge, what is really going on.  To sign up for this class, click here.

With love,

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Quick Remedy for Food Poisoning

I have a health tip for you today. Put it in the back of your mind and hopefully you will never need it. Going out to eat is fun and I often get new ideas for cooking at home, but tainted and spoiled food can creep into some of the best restaurants. I have been told by a restaurant owner that there is really no such thing as the 24-hour flu. When this ailment appears, it is food poisoning!

A quick remedy is charcoal. The charcoal will attract the parasites in your stomach and colon causing you to feel bad. These nasty little critters hang in the warmth of your body. The faster you take the charcoal, the quicker the symptoms will subside.

You can purchase charcoal in capsules which make it easy to digest. I always have some in my medicine cabinet and take it along on trips. Charcoal will bind up your system so take vitamin C to keep things releasing from your colon. Start with three capsules of each every hour until the symptoms decrease. This will only take two or three doses. Then take two capsules of each the next day two or three times. This should clear out your system.

I know this is not pleasant to talk about, but it really is good to know in your time of need. If you are proficient with a pendulum check, see if your stomach upset is from parasites from spoiled food or something else. Then ask if this remedy will work for you.

There will be a class in how to increase your intuitive skills September 6 at 6pm. On August 30th, we will work with pendulums and other ways to access your inner knowledge in a Chigong class. Click here for details. With practice, you can get accurate information even at a time when your body is stressed.

To your health,

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Increase Your Energetic Power

You can increase the energy that comes out of your hands with a few simple steps. Even if you have not been trained in Reiki, the power lies dormant within you until you have the intention to activate it. Reiki training will allow you to become aware of how you can adjust your life and add possibilities beyond your imagination, but for now let’s look at how to intensify and increase your felt power.

Qigong (also spelled "chi gung" or "chi kung") is an ancient practice that moves energy or "chi" through your body. The movements are gentle and rhythmic. When one is unable to fully move their body due to physical restraints, the mere act of imagining the body moving will still give good results. Chi can be directed to meridian lines, specific organs, into the aura, or out into the universe.

During the coming months, I will be hosting a monthly group to see how Qigong can increase your Reiki abilities, or the power you already have, while it balances your body on all levels. The Qigong movements will sometimes be viewed on DVDs or by following me. Massage tables will be set up to help you become aware of the increased energy that will undoubtedly follow. I hope you will join us starting September 30 at 6pm (fee $20).


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Is Your Heart Self-Contained?

I have been working in my garden and noticed no matter how much I watered one of my plants it still continued to wilt. I have been contemplating this dilemma and have come to the conclusion that the problem is in the soil. I had just transplanted another plant and found that the root system was self-constrained. It did not spread out into the hard clay soil around it because the clay is not open to receiving water like the mulch around the plant. It had nothing to hold onto. This made me think of my heart.

In order for your heart to open and remain open it requires fertile soil to expand into. If you keep you heart accessible to only a few people, it diminishes its ability to develop.

The way to support an open heart is to give out love to anyone who you come in contact with during the day, and I mean everyone: the mail carrier, lawn workers in your neighborhood, a clerk, the beggars that come near your car. There is no limit to how you can open the space around your heart. All that is required is a smile, but it needs to be genuine. If you don’t allow it to emanate from your heart, it is merely a muscle movement that has no substance. If it seems appropriate, a few kind words directed at their well-being can be a nice touch. Try it out my friends and see how your heart feels.

Radiating love to you,

Monday, June 27, 2016

How to Be a Ghost Buster

As I was working with a client this last week, I discovered a new way to assist disembodied souls into their next level. If you have read Claiming Your Inner Gifts, you have seen the Life Tool that shows how to accomplish this in a gentle and unattached way. Today I would like to share my new findings for this process.

When a soul has passed out of its body through death, it does not always realize it has left this dimension. It can stay around familiar surroundings and actually feel it is an integral part of the scenarios it observes. The process to help it move on involves introducing it to advanced beings on the other side.

There are times when the introduction alone will not encourage these souls to move on and further assistance is required. Help can come from divine beings or guides. I often call in legions of angels, but this can be over powering to some life forms so now I call in divine escorts. These escorts will adjust their light and vibration to meld with the one who needs assistance. These escorts are gentle, courteous and aware of what will make the deceased being most comfortable and unafraid. I find them to be quite efficient and quick to respond to my call.

In meditation, see if you can tune into the escorts and observe if they resonate with your energies. Then use them the next time you are called upon to assist deceased beings to the light.

Ghost Busting,