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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marnie Vincolisi: A Knock on the Door, open to Love

A Knock on the Door - Open to Love

The benefit of mediation is that it can awaken new perceptions rather quickly. I would like to share with you the realization and emotional opening I had while using sound technology for meditation at the Monroe Institute in West Virginia. During a meditation while using the Hemi-Sync tapes, I proposed a question to my higher self. I asked how I could increase the clarity of my third eye. In my mind’s eye I was given an apparatus which fit over my forehead and looked much like a telescope. As I contemplated this image I found that I could turn the telescope and receive visual clarity for questions held within in my mind. I realized somehow this was a connection to my opening to my inner sight at my third eye. What happened next was quite unexpected.

Our trainer Penny Holms began to tell us a story of when she was a child. Penny was 9 years old and acting her age and apparently needed a talking to from her mom Nancy Monroe. They both sat on the bed in Penny’s room and Nancy made reference to a picture Penny had over her bed of Jesus. Penny never told her mom but Penny felt that her sister Lori had everything better than her and even down to the pictures they had of Jesus hanging in their rooms. Her sister had a picture with flowers and pretty colors while Penny’s picture was dark and brown. Penny felt she had the short end of the stick once again.

Nancy turned to Penny and said, “Do you see this picture of Jesus?” as Penny silently remembers how she really feels about the dark drab, not as good as her sisters picture. Her mom continues, “What do you notice about it? Can you see there is no knob on the door?  This means it can only be opened from the inside.”

Being raised in a Christian household this picture if very familiar to me. I remember it from my Sunday school class at church; Jesus is standing in front of a door and knocking upon it. I never heard the true meaning of that picture until then. I began to process the information through my entire body. I felt the telescope at my forehead and its ability to open of my inner sight as new ideas began to manifest. I could see now no one was going to enter my domain, my heart, until I pushed open the door; it must be accessed from the within. Upon this realization, my heart began to open and my tears would not stop. This release continued for twenty minutes or more, afterward my whole body shook as I physically integrated this information on a cellular level.

Whatever your heart desires, be aware it could be standing outside your door but, until you open the door to greater understanding you will not see or receive it. The following “Life Tool”  is from Claiming Your Inner Gift, and it will show you how to reach for the knob, open the door. At that point you may want to step aside because the gift which you will claim is coming in, it is huge and delightful so give it a wide berth and then enjoy.

To connect with your own hearts love it will be helpful to imagine what that love might look like. This tool will give the emotion of love a solid form.


Life Tool:  Opening of the Heart    

Held within your heart are qualities to empower you. Here you will find the divine aspects of love, wisdom and power. Once these accolades are accessed the heart will open and be ready to receive the gifts which have been stored in your energy field for eons of time.

  1. Take a few deep cleansing breaths.
  1. Allow your body to relax and sink into a quiet space.
  1.  Imaging yourself getting so small you could step into your physical heart.
  1.  Move into one chamber within your heart and sense a light around you.
  1. The light transforms into a flame of three distinct colors: pink, yellow and blue.
  1. The pink represent the love within all life. With each breath allow the pink flame to expand and increase this love in your heart.
  1. The blue extension of the flame represents a higher essence of power.
a.     This power holds no control; it stands upon a strength of its own and it is sharing it with you at this time.
b.     Take time to feel this power and know it is real and easily accessed.
  1. The yellow flame is your inherent wisdom. This is knowledge beyond anything you have read or heard, it is the basis of your true inner understanding. Notice how it feels different than the other flames.
  1. Take a moment to receive and embody these qualities and notice how your awareness is enhanced.
  1. Step out of this flame while holding these qualities within your being.
  1. You are now standing at the door to your heart.
  1. Reach out and push the door open.
  1. On the outside is all that your heart desires.
  1. Imagine what it feels like to have these things in your life. This sensation empowers your dreams to manifest and become a reality.
  1. Complete your meditation with a sense of deep gratitude.