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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Knock on the Door

I would like to share with you the realization and emotional opening I had while attending the Monroe Institute. During a meditation while using the Hemi-Sync tapes, I asked a question about how I could increase the clarity of my third eye. I was given a visual of an apparatus over the third eye that looked like a telescope. As I contemplated this visual, I found that as I turned the telescope, I received more clarity and saw a connection there opening to my inner sight. What happened next was quite unexpected.

Our trainer Penny told us a story about when she was a child. Penny was being her old complaining self and apparently needed a shift in her perspective. She sat on the bed in her room with her mother, Nancy who made reference to a picture Penny had over her bed of Jesus. Penny never told her mom the way she felt about that picture, but she felt that as usual her sister had the best. Her sister had a picture with flowers and pretty colors while Penny’s picture was dark and brown.

Nancy turned to Penny and said, “Do you see this picture of Jesus?” As Penny silently remembered how she felt about that dark, drab, not as good as her sister’s picture, her mom continued, “What do you notice about it? Can you see that there is no knob on the door and that it can only be opened from the inside?”

This picture was very familiar to me. Jesus is standing in front of a dark brown door and knocking upon it. We had this picture in my Sunday school class at my church. I never realized the true meaning of that picture until now but it gave me insight about my vision. No one was going to enter my domain, my heart, until I opened the door. It must be opened from the inside! At this point, my heart indeed did open, and as many of you might know, when that happened the tears did not stop. I cannot explain the overwhelming feeling I had, but it was quite a release. My chest actually hurt afterwards.

I give you this wisdom today. Whatever your heart desires, know that the fulfillment of your desires is standing outside your door. Open it! Because until you do, you cannot receive what you want. Reach for the knob, open the door, and stand aside because what is coming in is huge and delightful. Give it a wide berth and then enjoy!

For those of you who may be interested, I will be doing a Monroe Institute meditation weekend March 15th. Please reserve your space soon by emailing me at

 Marnie Vincolisi

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