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Monday, November 16, 2015

Channeling the Light

At this time there is much unrest throughout the world. Rather than focusing on the negative, I would like to show you how to transcend beyond space and time, and rain light onto any and all situations that need adjustments. Here are easy instructions on how to draw the love and light of the Universe into your being and out into the world:

1. Close your eyes (or leave them open) and imagine the Light of the Universe entering the top of your head, your crown chakra.
2. Sense the flow of Light as it fills your heart and overflows into your chest.
3. Allow the effervescent Light to bubble up into your shoulders and flow into your arms and hands.
4. The bubbles of Light continue to overflow down your entire body and out through your feet.
5. The Light from the sky and your being enters the earth and spreads into the ground.
6. Follow the flow of Light from your city into your country.
7. It then extends into the oceans and encompasses the entire globe with effervescent Light.
8. There is no limit to the distance your Light can reach.
9. Feel this in your heart for that is where the power lies.
10. Reside in this loving feeling, stay present, and notice how the sensations change or stay the same.

In loving Light I direct my essence out to you,

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