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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Clear Out the Clutter and Welcome in the New

It is the middle of February and here in Colorado it feels like spring. How lovely! I see people responding to the weather as we do in the spring. The feeling is to clean up and clear out and that is a very healthy approach to life.

Even though it may be snowy where you live, join us in opening up to spring. Look around for things that have been stagnant. It could be a box in the back of your closet that is full of items that you no longer need. They hold energy that can hold you back from moving forward into a new adventure. It is excess weight, like a twenty-pound rock in your path.

This does not need to be a major project unless you have the time and inclination for it to be so. Look for one pile on your desk, junk in the trunk of your car, a corner of the garage, or a box of old memories. Restructure that space and see how your week unfolds as you activate energy to move towards your goals.

Happy Clearing!

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