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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why Meditate?

A question you may ask yourself is why bother with meditations? Besides all the benefits, which I will list later, let’s just look at how our body works. We cannot push our bodies day and night. At some point your body will call to you for rest. This reprieve is required every single day. If you skip a day of sleep, it will be difficult to function and perform everyday tasks. Your brain also requires a respite.

Our psyche does not require as long of a break as our bodies, but it does need at least 20 minutes once a day to recharge. During this 20-minute pause, the brain reorganizes it thoughts, stressors and ideas. This allows for new images to form and inner guidance to be activated by increased intuition. Stilling the body is the first step towards calming the mind. Sometimes all it takes is for one to sit down and look out the window into nature. An extensive, exact meditation process is not always necessary, though a guided practice can help keep one on track.

Give yourself the gift of silence, once a day, for 20 minutes or however long time permits. You may find you will:
  •             Sleep better
  •             Have increased energy
  •             Calm a worried mind
  •             Let go of stress
  •             Feel physically stronger
  •             Become more aware of your surroundings
  •             Increase your intuition
  •             Love yourself
The list goes on. Try meditation and list the differences you find in your life.

Need guidance to meditate? Here's a link to some MP3s that will help you.


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