Monday, April 28, 2014

Flowing with Life is Knowing How to Surrender

Relationships come in many forms. We have a relationship with our family, friends, our jobs, computers, and even our cars. All of these can challenge us on a daily basis. Each time one of these relationships changes or dissolves, we are forced to move into a place of trust, to open to Spirit, and surrender to the unknown.

What has change looked like for you lately? Are you seeking the perfect job where you can be creative, your abilities seen and honored, and the pay supports your lifestyle? Are you defining what the perfect relationship should look like with a parent or an intimate partner? The problem is that everything is changing and there are no constants. So what we see as perfect today will not fulfill our needs tomorrow.

In Buddhist tradition we are told it is the journey, not the destination that will bring peace. So how do we walk along our path in peace? Try surrendering into the unknown.

Surrender can happen by taking a moment to see a new perspective because everything is always in divine order. Each experience gives us an opportunity to grow in compassion, understanding, and power. Transition allows you to transcend the ordinary and move into a higher level of consciousness. As you raise the pole of your vibration, others in your circle of family and friends have the opportunity to move with you. Many are unconscious as they do this, yet you, who are mindful, can see the change and understand the blessing. This creates an opportunity to continually trust the unknown, release the past which no longer serves you, and move into a new level. As you do this for yourself, you do it for others. This is the unseen gift of change. You stand as an example and just the energy of your movement will transform those around you.

Walking the path of surrender can seem lonely, but it empowers through silence. The quiet of your mind is in the strength to follow the guidance of your heart. This is information only you can access, and surrendering to this guidance is where your power lies.

Many Blessings
Marnie Vincolisi

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