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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Replace Not Erase

When old programing continues to keep running your life the question is, “Can an issue be eliminated by just erasing it?” Probably not. When it is erased, the energetic pattern of the programing still exists. It needs to be replaced by a new and different program.

Remember you are a creator being and from that stance you can create a new program which is aligned with your divine essence. When the mind recalls an old situation, it does not see it as it really happened. It sort of scrambles the information. The mind is very pliable so you can manipulate it as it manipulates you. Rewrite the script. By doing this, you take yourself off the grid and embody a new form, reflecting you as a balanced divine light.

This is how it works.
1.  Still your mind using the meditation technique that you are accustom  to.
2.  Run an old scenario which troubles you.
3.  Rewrite the situation by changing what happened.
4.  Each time you run the story look for something new: a sound, a smell or a nuance you did not see before.
5.  Continue to run through your actions until there is no negative reactions.
6.  Now go about your day and when this memory comes up see it in its new form.

Need some extra help with this process, contact me  for a session and we can lighten your load.
If you are wondering how you can bring in light stronger than you have now perhaps this is the time to look into taking the next level of Reiki or participating in an advanced class. Classes listed below can connect you to past lives, open your inner sight through the medical intuition and expand your awareness.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Marnie Vincolisi
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