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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

All is Forgiven. What Sweet Words.

Have you ever done something you regret? What do you recall? Did the consequences cause you to beat yourself up? Did someone make you feel worse than the way you already felt? Does it still haunt you? Maybe it’s time to let it go.

Why not take a moment today to recall the incident while forgiving yourself. Look at all the reasons why it occurred and be a loving parent to yourself. This is not about blaming another person for how things turned out. It is about telling that child within you that it was an honest mistake which may have occurred because of your misinterpretation of the circumstances. It was not done out of malice or spite.

Such an incident occurred to me while I was with my daughter and her family in San Francisco. I misjudged a parking area and my daughter’s car was towed. I felt awful. It took time out of my daughter’s and son-in-law’s busy schedules. It was costly and created a rift with a neighbor. I knew in my heart it was a mistake, but my emotions still ran amuck. It is said every cloud has a silver lining and for this incident, that rang true.

When I returned from getting the car out of the pound, I was greeted by my sweet son-in-law. He told me it was not my fault, there were no hard feelings, and it was just part of living in the city. Then he gave me a hug. That’s all it took to soften my heart and stop me from beating myself up. His hug said, “All is forgiven,” and it was the best gift he could have given me.

As the holidays approach, look at what you can give yourself or another this holiday season. Who needs to hear “all is forgiven”? A family member, a friend, or you? Give it now in the light of the season.

In the Season of Light I Radiate Love!

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