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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Find and Release with EFT

Tracking to the core of your own issues can be challenging but there are tools to assist you in this process. I have found EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, to be one that has helped me with a present issue. Let me share my findings.

I have been releasing an old relationship since the beginning of the year, and it is an experience which has allowed me to see myself in a new light. Even though I have continued to stay open and aware of my involvement and emotional attachment, I still have work to do. Today I found sadness to be prevalent in my space, and I decided to face it and look deep into its presence. EFT was the required tool.

When using EFT, you will tap on acupressure points to release and uncover buried emotions. These points can quickly get to the core of the issue, but one needs to be aware of how to track and follow the emotions which arise. The full technique can be found at or I can do a treatment with you. This will be similar to a private class along with your personal clearing. Here I will outline how I processed my experience of sadness.

I began tapping on sadness as it was the strongest emotion I felt at the time. Sadness was just at the surface, but I could not release any tears and did not know what the origin of this sadness was. I know every current emotion has a core issue which is not always obvious. I paid attention to how my thoughts changed as I tapped on whatever I felt while changing the words I was tapping about according to whatever came up. Listed is my process:

Clearing Statement: “Even though I am sad, I love myself just the way I am.”

While tapping, I used these words even before I completed a series:
  • Sadness
  • Betrayal
  • Anger
  • Trust
  • Lonely
  • Can’t cry
  • Dad
  • Mom
At that point I began to cry. I was surprised to see my sadness was not about my current loss but about the loss of my mom. I would have never connected my current situation with losing my mom. This is the gift of EFT. It moves you to the core by activating acupressure points in this simple yet profound technique. I continued to tap on emotions which came up until I felt calm. Joy was the emotion which completed the process.

After you read the EFT process and try it out, let me know if you would like help. There is no reason to carry old buried issues with you. We are here on this planet to raise our vibration and the vibration of mother earth as well. It does not require years of therapy, In one session we can clear and process a lot.

I send you my love.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How To Do A Sage Clearing

Sometimes the practice of energetic clearing is just not enough to cleanse a space of negative influences. This can happen at home, work, in  an auto, or on a specific thing or location. One of those things could be your computer. When things are just not going your way a physical clearing might be in order.

The simplest way to do this is to burn sage or wheat grass while moving throughout the location. Your intention is most important. Be clear that you are not holding resentment for a person or situation while you are performing this spiritual practice. The intent is to neutralize the effect of energy which has entered which is not to your highest order. It could be wise to do this type of clearing on a regular basis to keep your space energetically clean. You can also clear your space on a regular basis during your meditations. This will reduce the frequency of how often you are required to physically perform this practice.

The smoke from the sage and wheat grass can be overwhelming on your lungs so keep doors and windows open while it is burning. Keep a pyrex dish in hand or a non-flammable tray to catch any live ashes that might fall. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings for you may be receiving important messages that will assist you in understanding the situation which required this clearing.

I found in my recent house clearing I was getting a headache. My message was I needed to release what I was clearing from my body, especially my lungs. My lungs encompass my heart and that is where I could release the negative emotion I was holding onto. My guidance was to sit under the stars and allow the light of the Universe to complete the clearing of my home, body and heart. I was gifted with metaphors which helped me totally clear. As I sat under the night sky I saw small clouds above my home.

As I looked closer they were in the form of angry spirits. I sensed they were the ones who I had just released from my home. I asked for divine assistance to move these spirits away from my area and take them to a place where their energy could be transformed. I silenced my mind and accepted the assistance. When I opened my eyes a few minutes later the small spirit clouds moved into one large soft fluffy cloud.
This happened faster than clouds move so I knew it was a message that all was taken care of. If the outline below does not take care of the situation you are attempting to clear, give me a call. I have successfully competed clearings in person or at a distance. Remember; have fun, let fear go and be confident.

Sage Cleansing:
  1. Be clear no harm can come to you during this practice.
  2. Express the intent this clearing is for the highest good and you are not holding resentment or blame.
  3. Light sage or sweet grass, and hold it over a pyrex dish while drawing Reiki symbols or using a circular motion at all windows, doors, walls, and the center of the rooms.
  4. Once complete, observe your body to see if the clearing is complete.
  5. Request divine light assistance to extend the clearing from the location into your body and affairs.
  6. Observe any messages which are entering your mind or watch for metaphors around you.
  7. Meditate in gratitude, knowing what your have asked for has been given in light.
Marnie Vincolisi