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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Crestone - Part 1

I thought I would give you all an update from our tour of Crestone, Colorado. The weather was perfect as it was not too hot which is not the norm for July in this area of Colorado but there was a challenge. Mosquitoes! They were everywhere and they were ferocious.

When on a spiritual tour in a sacred space such as Crestone, everything that happens has a message. The biting of these little insects gave us an opportunity to let go of life's irritants and practice mindfulness, the Buddhist practice of being present with what is occurring in the moment without judgment. To see the experience as not good or bad but to merely be present with what is happening in the moment. This is tricky when there is pain followed by reoccurring itching for days. The continued itching is the reminder that allows your attention to be brought back to the moment. The body is talking, quite loudly in fact, and it wants to be noticed. What better way to get one back into present time? The mind is directed to take care of what is happening in the now, there is no space to think about what is to come in the future or the stressors of the past. The body says listen to me now and make the proper adjustments.

More to come next week!
Marnie Vincolisi

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Catch A Lazy Summer Day

Summer has traditionally meant it’s time to play and relax. So ask yourself, “Have I fulfilled all the requirements of summer? Did I swim, hike, listen to an outdoor concert, go on a picnic, sleep under the stars, watch fireworks, or just be lazy?” If not, get busy and unwind. There is still time!

So often we let life fly by, always making excuses that there is not enough time or money for the things we love to do. Life is what we make it; we give it value and decide what activity is going to capture our attention. As for money, the best things in life really are free. Moments we spend with the ones we care about cannot have a price placed upon them yet we try to pad the experience with expensive amusements.

This weekend, decide to have quality time with the most important person in your life: YOU. Do something that brings you joy, something you can do all by yourself. Many times, we do what others want us to do and we enjoy it because we are with the ones we love. But this time, do something that is just for you, even if it is sitting in the yard and allowing stray thoughts to float through your mind. Don’t worry about dinner. Don’t think about the wash. All that can wait. Now is the time for you. Give yourself the precious, priceless gift of being with and enjoying your own company. Do it now. Summer’s almost gone.

Marnie Vincolisi

Sunday, July 5, 2015

What Are Your Happy Memories of Summers Past?

The 4th of July is past and now it is officially summer. Think about what that has meant to you in the past, and I mean way past. Recall what it was like to be a kid on a hot summer day. What did you do? How did you spend your time and with whom?

I recall swimming every day at Portage Park Pool in the north side of Chicago watching Mr. Izzo water his pristine green lawn by hand (which we could never walk upon). I have fond memories of collecting pop bottles from the school yard across the street that were left by the boys who played baseball and using the money to buy candy (I have the cavities to prove it!). I also loved lying on the ground, watching the clouds roll by. As I write this these memories calm my mind and bring a smile to my face.

I suggest you do the same. Take a moment, for that is all you will need, and reminisce about the happy, carefree, lazy days of summer you had as a child. Sure there may be sad days weaved into your story, but this is about recalling the moments when life was without responsibility. Let the warm fuzzy memories wash over you and then go about your day. It just may brighten yours.

Happy summer!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Freedom is a State of Mind

Freedom comes in many forms and no one can give it to you. It is something you must claim for yourself.

It has been proven time and time again, imprisonment does not deter the human spirit. Nelson Mandela certainly held freedom in his vision, and even though he was held in jail for decades, he lived his true calling and helped his country. There are Vietnam veterans who have also found how they could free their spirits and their minds during their incarceration.

So the questions to ask yourself this Independence Day is “Who do I blame for taking away my freedom of …?" And then reclaim your sovereignty. It is really that simple. You are the one who controls how you think, feel and act. You are the one who imprisons yourself. Set yourself free!

In my liberty I stand,
Marnie Vincolisi