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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Beauty Comes From Within


I enjoy going to art exhibits because it gives me an opportunity to get into the psyche of the artist. I find it fascinating to know why they paint what they do. This weekend I was able to have a glimpse into the life of Andrew Wyeth and his son Jamie Wyeth at an exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.

What intrigued me was that they did not veer far from their homes.  They lived in Pennsylvania and summered on an island in Maine. Their works are of the land and the people who lived around them. In order to fully capture the essence of their subjects, they would spend weeks with them, sketching and becoming familiar with who or what they were painting. Jamie even did this with a cow he chose to paint. Andrew spoke of the beauty in the blades of grass that he so eloquently captured.

My observation is this, how can we let go of judgments of others? What if we spent an entire week with them? Not just being at work with them or living with them but really being the observer of how they interact with their environment. Even if we cannot do this, we do have an opportunity to see the essence of who they are by paying attention, by being in the moment with them and listening to their words, noticing their expressions and how they interact with the people and things around them.

Look for the beauty in those you have difficulties with and it will ease your stress and open your heart. On this grey day in Colorado, I recall the grey sky of the Wyeth paintings and how beautiful they are.

Beauty comes from within.

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