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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Rise Up and Be Heard!

Photo by Nancy November Sloane
This past weekend, people in America—and throughout the world—spoke out in unprecedented numbers. What was important is that people did not hide their views and told their government what is important to them. We are a country founded on freedom and free speech. It does not matter if you support the views of the marchers. The importance is that in this country we can speak our truth and be heard.

There is strength in our country from the millions of people who spoke out this weekend. Allow their power to support you in expressing your truth to a person in your life. Tell them what you have been withholding that is in your heart. It does you no good to be silent. Nor does it serve them. If you do not tell them what is vital for your emotional and mental well-being, you will only be injuring yourself.

Our country was born on freedom of speech. Speak yours!

Rise up and be heard,

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