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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Angels of the Holiday

I love the holidays, in fact I love any holiday but sometimes, (most of the time), I am in high gear and not really enjoying the moment at hand.  My head fills with so many ideas and naturally I feel I need to act upon them ASAP. This can drive my loving husband a bit crazy and it keeps me spinning. My suggestion to you as well as to myself is slow down and smell the roses or perhaps at this season, the snow and fresh crisp air.
We Are All Angels

At this time of the year many societies move their attention towards religious activities which then increases the vibration of the earth. This brings more light beings to surface. You will find that if you desire the assistance of higher light spirits you can easily connect to them. They are very close and are listening for our requests.

You may also find many people choose to leave this earthly plane through the change called death. Do not let this disturb you as they are wise in their decision to leave at this time for there is an increased angelic assistance which is available to them. This not only makes their transition smother but can ease the pain of those who are left on earth, if they will only open to and receive the added love of the season.

So as you rush around take a moment to tune into the love which surrounds you and then move on with your day wrapped in this love. And remember, my love and the love you share with others supports all beings, in body, out of body and ascended for we are the angels who walk this earth.

Many Blessing to You and Yours

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