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Monday, December 16, 2013

Unwrap Your Gifts!

This is a time when we show our appreciation for each other with the sharing of gifts. How about showing appreciation for your body? Your body is a gift to your soul. Without your body, your soul cannot transform. Your spirit enters the body to experience all aspects of life. Through these experiences you have an opportunity to learn and flow with what is presented in life without judgment.
Take a moment today to thank your physical form. It protects your spirit and reveals information. Pain is often a message to look deeper into the cause which can be physical, mental or emotional. Often we get so wrapped up in the experience that we forget to look for the message. And the message is always the same, to love.  Love yourself without discernment and appreciate how the messages are given.
Know that all is in divine order, every moment of each day. It can take days or weeks for the real reason of an experience to be revealed. But as we look back, new perceptions are formed, as our spirit opens the door to inner wisdom. All we need to do is be observant and look for it.
As you spend time these next few weeks picking out gifts and wrapping them with bows, take a moment to stop and look at the beautiful wrapping you have created for your soul. This is your body. We judge its size, get upset because it does not move with the agility it once did and wonder why it has to wrinkle and sag. Instead, thank your body for giving your soul a place to experience, transform and move into the light. What a gift!

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