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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Soul Clearings Release Old Patterns to Make Room for Spiritual Growth

You might wonder how I get messages to help me in my spiritual growth. Let me share an experience I had this weekend.

Saturday night I went to the movies and parked in a parking lot which had 3 levels, I recall I parked on the third. When I left the movie theater (by the way Mr. Banks is an inspiriting movie) I was guided to the second level. There I found a car, just like mine, same color, same model in the exact same spot that I had parked, only this car was on the second not the third level.

I proceeded back to the third level and found my car. The message?  Parallel time frames. I knew then spirit was telling me to do a clearing on myself.

Soul clearings are a way to release old patterns from the core issue which makes the clearing permanent. Through years of practice I have found a way to locate where the core issue happens to be. It can be past, present, future or parallel time frames.

The soul clearings I do in my work clears all time dimensions, and parallel time frames are one of them. Through years of practice I have found a way to locate where the core issue happens to be. It can be past, present, future or parallel time frames.

Today I took the time to research and clear my soul. Not to my surprise most of the time frames I cleared were in parallel realities.

It is all about being aware my friends. This is not rocket science (or is it, as we travel through time and space). You can receive intuitive messages, they are all around you. All you need to do is keep your eyes open and act on the messages you receive.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Be Kind and Generous with Yourself This Holiday

'Tis the season to be jolly, but that’s not always how we feel. The holidays are a time for peace and good will, but often we forget where that peace must begin - within you. It isn’t always easy to let peace enter your heart. Sometimes that means being willing to look at and let go of old wounds. The holidays can stir the pot of the past and touch on unreleased feelings when we are faced with family and friends. So be kind to yourself!

Let this season be a time of forgiveness towards yourself. Be gentle with yourself as emotions come up that are not in sync with the spirit around you. Let judgments be changed into discernment, anger flavored by humor, and frustration balanced by the element of time. This will help you transform any negative emotions into a more joyful and present state of mind.

It seems as though today we are all about being non-judgmental, but perhaps there is something of value in judgment. Sometimes when we exercise sound judgment, it is our intuition’s way of revealing important information. Allow the mirror of judgment to show you what you may need to know about someone or something. Then be grateful for your intuition and let it guide you.

Allow your anger to give you the momentum you need to move forward. Anger has a lot of power behind it so let that energy be the directing force. When you look back at anger, sometimes it seems silly. Let the power of the anger move you to a new perspective and ask your holiday angels to tickle your funny bone and show you the humor instead.

When your frustration is high, try staying in present time. Frustration is usually fed by the illusion of time. Know that there is no time other than the present; it is a construct of the mind so adjust your thinking. When you examine why you are frustrated, you may see that it is being fed by something that has happened in the past or something that has not yet or may never happen in the future. Remind yourself that the past is over. All we can do is learn from it and let it go. The future never arrives, for when it does, it becomes the present. And there’s no sense worrying about something that may never even occur.

Tis the season to give peace and good will to yourself. May all the days of your life be filled with warmth and love, created in present time, by your own loving heart.

My love to you at this time of angels!
 Marnie Vincolisi

Monday, December 16, 2013

Unwrap Your Gifts!

This is a time when we show our appreciation for each other with the sharing of gifts. How about showing appreciation for your body? Your body is a gift to your soul. Without your body, your soul cannot transform. Your spirit enters the body to experience all aspects of life. Through these experiences you have an opportunity to learn and flow with what is presented in life without judgment.
Take a moment today to thank your physical form. It protects your spirit and reveals information. Pain is often a message to look deeper into the cause which can be physical, mental or emotional. Often we get so wrapped up in the experience that we forget to look for the message. And the message is always the same, to love.  Love yourself without discernment and appreciate how the messages are given.
Know that all is in divine order, every moment of each day. It can take days or weeks for the real reason of an experience to be revealed. But as we look back, new perceptions are formed, as our spirit opens the door to inner wisdom. All we need to do is be observant and look for it.
As you spend time these next few weeks picking out gifts and wrapping them with bows, take a moment to stop and look at the beautiful wrapping you have created for your soul. This is your body. We judge its size, get upset because it does not move with the agility it once did and wonder why it has to wrinkle and sag. Instead, thank your body for giving your soul a place to experience, transform and move into the light. What a gift!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Control or Compassion? It's Up to You.

 The need for control runs rampant in our society. Its reflection can be seen in our laws, politics, religion, family values, fundamentalist beliefs, and personal relationships. How does control rear its ugly head in your life? Would you describe yourself as the controller or the controllee and is there really a difference? Understanding why control is a problem in your life will help relieve it. Why does someone feel the need to control? Is there a way of living in harmony with controlling people in a controlling society? Are they a reflection of our own need to control?

Are you the controller or the controllee and is there really a difference?

Let’s start by looking at the controller. Why do they act the way they do? When someone is constantly telling you what to do, how to look and what you should be saying, they are really telling you that they do not know what they should do, how they should look and what they should say. They are unsure of their decisions but attempt to hide it by controlling others around them. Their uncertainty is often buried so deep, they are unaware of what is driving their emotions.

Early family programming creates this type of behavior. An old Indian proverb tells us to not judge another man until you have walked in his shoes. The best way to understand the controller in your life is to change your perspective. At first this will be done in the mind. Let the mind imagine how the controller’s life must have been early on. If you know incidents that happened to them in their youth, think about how those situations must have impacted them. Do not see your controller as an adult. See them as a child because when they are attempting to control, they are not acting from their adult self, they are acting as a child. When children act out it is often because they are injured, frightened, confused, feel powerless or unsure of themselves. Let your intellect conceptualize this understanding and then anchor it into your heart.

Now you have created a state of compassion. Here is where peace abides. It can also become a place of clarity where you let go of ideas and concepts about others and see them with new eyes. As you do this, the space in your heart will become open and clear.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Are You Afraid To Be Vulnerable?

I often hear people say that we need to be vulnerable, but what does it really mean?

As I see it, there are two types of vulnerability – positive and negative. Kathy Ward, a fellow Reiki Master / teacher sees the positive form as being in a state of love, while the negative is being in fear.

In order to feel “safe,” fearfulness reacts and guards which often creates that which we are most afraid of – being hurt. Vulnerability that comes from love on the other hand, makes us feel completely at ease because we know that we are perfect as we already are - that we are loved and eternal.  With this perspective, we can live our lives from an open-hearted space which tends to make others feel safe and open to us.  Thus the experience we get in response to love is usually a positive one.  

There are healthy boundaries we can set when we come from a place of self-love.  When we come from fear, we tend to hold back and limit the love we are capable of sharing, which generates mistrust and causes others to hold back as well. When we trust and allow ourselves to be vulnerable to the Universal energies, we can be open to any and all possibilities.

Try meditating on vulnerability and see what it means for you. Ask for guidance and be open to whatever you receive. You may be surprised at what you find.