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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Curious About a Past Life?

Discovering past lives can be easy when approached with a light heart. I used the photos I took on my September trip to France to guide a group into a place of self-discovery. The artist in me has a talent for framing photos in an interesting way so this was not your usual, boring, come look at my travel photos event.

With the lights down low during the entire tour, I was able to keep the group in a semi-meditative state. After we observed a few photos, I conducted a guided meditation directing everyone to search for specific information. This gave each of them a chance to uncover some relevant facts. Many of the participants discovered they live similar kinds of lives today.

HELEN: Helen sees herself on a farm, feels a pain in her arm and looks up at the sky. Her intuition tells her she died of a heart attack. Then walking into an enormous, cold, dark, damp, castle, she feels alone and lonely. She is jealous of the villagers who have the freedom to be outside for she is not allowed to leave this complex. When looking at an image of a huge wood door, Helen feels she was a wood carver. The art which was shown to her reminds her that she was once also a stone carver. Both these professions make her wrists hurt and in her current life, she is troubled my carpel tunnel.

BOB: When directed to walk into a photo and walk up the stairs, Bob could not go up. Instead his attention is fixed on the stone beneath his feet. He feels he carried and laid those heavy stone steps. When looking at a photo of a winery, Bob could smell burning wood and realized he was the one who made the wine barrels. The burning came from the way in which he attached the metal rings to the barrels.

Guiding the group through a series of paintings, I instruct everyone to imagine their relationship with the painters. Many of them could smell the turpentine. Bob found he was the one who made the paint brushes. In all of Bob’s lives, he found he was a craftsman, and in his current life, he also works with his hands.

LORI: When Lori was directed to the stairs, she felt she was in simple clothes and probably a servant. Looking through the keyhole, she saw a young male going to meet his future wife and family. He was hesitant being fixed up with a woman he did not know.

SYLVIA: Sylvia saw herself as a stocky, middle- aged man who, as a traveling judge, was weary and overwhelmed as he went from village to village listening to local cases. The name that came to her was “Bernard Du Lac,” a name she is going to research. Sylvia also saw herself as a dancing ballerina on a flat stone in the middle of a lake full of flowers feeling peaceful and joyful. When directed to peek through a keyhole, she saw into a living room with two women in 1800s dresses playing cards, two men by a fireplace drinking ale, and a dog lying on the floor. Sylvia was a child who was supposed to be in bed, but instead snuck downstairs to peek through the keyhole.

NAN: Nan noticed that in one "visit" after another, the only place that resonated with her was the farmland. The large castle and beautifully decorated rooms left her with the feeling that "that's not my world!" Her comment was, “I feel I have always lived a simple life, as I do now.”

I was delighted to see how easily the group traversed from one experience to the next often picking up visions, smells and emotions along the way. We will be traveling into the past once again on April 14th. I hope you can join us!

Marnie Vincolisi

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