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Monday, March 3, 2014

How to Relax as You Manifest Your Heart's Desire

Creating the magnetic pull to accomplish your dream can be easier than you think. But, if the time element of waiting for your dream to manifest is causing you stress or frustration, here are some quick, simple steps you can take to bring ease into your life.

First, surround yourself with positive people, those who have already manifested what you are looking for. If you want a better job, hang with people who love what they do and are successful. If you want a better relationship than your last one, spend time with couples who are respectful, playful and loving with each other. Make sure your single friends are upbeat, positive and supportive of your situation.  Mix up your social time so you may be enveloped by harmonious couples and singles of both genders. Don’t make every social event a time to look for that special one. Merely make your time out playful.

Next, let the joy of others rub off on you. Bask in their light and envision how it will feel when you are in a similar position. Say to yourself, “I can have that.”  To create success I have taken my bike on the trails that run behind beautiful expensive homes. I ride down the streets and the owners of these homes smile and wave to me assuming I live there. I wave back accepting that I could be a neighbor who lives around the corner. This gives my desire a taste of reality which empowers it.

The most important rule is to never lose sight of your dream. Hold the picture in your heart. Do not give it a lot of details. Rather, allow the Universe to fill in the blanks. You will get more than you could have imagined. This also speeds up the process and relieves stress. Put your wish out there and know in your heart it will manifest. Let go of timelines and allow it to unfold naturally as you find joy in the present moment. In this way time will pass more quickly and before you know it, your desire will arrive.

Marnie Vincolosi

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