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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Enjoy A Spring Fling

Spring is here! And the new moon will arrive Sunday, so it is really a time for new beginnings. What do you want to create? Do you know? Are you clear? Let’s get started.

Make an intention to spend thirty 30 minutes on Monday to set the stage for your desires. Keep notes for the next few days on what is important to you. Before you retire at night, ask your Guides to bring in an aspect of yourself to show you important insights. Keep asking for clarity and then observe how it comes in. It may be in a song on the radio, a phrase you hear someone say just in passing, or a feeling. Be open to messages that come in many forms from your Guides and Angels. They are not all just visual or auditory, or coming from inside your head.

My Guides get my attention by presenting "Steves" in my life. The last two men I dated were Steves and I meet Steves all the time, often as many as three in a day. One day I met nine. Go figure. I know it has something to do with ego and power. Remember your Guides have a sense of humor.  Watch how they play with you. You have to admit, bringing in Steves is quite odd and even funny after awhile.

Once you get clear about what you want, write it down, and then let it go. “Fling it into Spring”. Burn it, bury it or whatever makes sense to you. It really does not matter how you let it go. The key is to release it into the Universe. It can be as easy as seeing your completed desire in your mind’s eye and then sending it away in a bubble. As it floats out into the Universe, it will gain momentum and attract to it what your heart desires. The Universe will bring back to you more than you could have imagined if you just let go. Be in the flow, get out of the way, and receive.

Many Blessings,
Marnie Vincolisi

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Master Follows No One

According to, a “master” is “a person eminently skilled in something; a person with the ability or power to use, control, or dispose of something: a master of six languages; to be master of one's fate.”

What are you choosing to master at this time in your life? When you desire to become a Reiki master, remember, as a master you are defining yourself as a healer. Make sure you are not a carbon copy of another. Make your practice uniquely yours.  

Reiki is a spiritual practice developed by Japanese Buddhist MikaoUsui. He channeled this practice in his own unique way and in the process, created an open doorway for all to enter and find their own true essence. We do this by raising our vibration and listening to our highest calling, finding our niche in the world, and expressing ourselves as loving, healing beings.

Masters, gurus, educators and the like are there to point the way, but it is you who makes the effort to apply the information given and adapt it into your everyday life. To truly master a practice, one needs to integrate it into every aspect of one’s being, blending applied and inner knowledge, intuition, and common sense. The joy is revealed when one no longer seeks answers from without and delights to find the response is coming from within. This is when you know you are on your path.

The practice of master can apply to any form of knowledge, both personal and professional . Seek the wisdom of others, but allow your ultimate guidance to come from within. May I stand as a light to illumine your path as you glide through life.

Marnie Vincolosi

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Curious About a Past Life?

Discovering past lives can be easy when approached with a light heart. I used the photos I took on my September trip to France to guide a group into a place of self-discovery. The artist in me has a talent for framing photos in an interesting way so this was not your usual, boring, come look at my travel photos event.

With the lights down low during the entire tour, I was able to keep the group in a semi-meditative state. After we observed a few photos, I conducted a guided meditation directing everyone to search for specific information. This gave each of them a chance to uncover some relevant facts. Many of the participants discovered they live similar kinds of lives today.

HELEN: Helen sees herself on a farm, feels a pain in her arm and looks up at the sky. Her intuition tells her she died of a heart attack. Then walking into an enormous, cold, dark, damp, castle, she feels alone and lonely. She is jealous of the villagers who have the freedom to be outside for she is not allowed to leave this complex. When looking at an image of a huge wood door, Helen feels she was a wood carver. The art which was shown to her reminds her that she was once also a stone carver. Both these professions make her wrists hurt and in her current life, she is troubled my carpel tunnel.

BOB: When directed to walk into a photo and walk up the stairs, Bob could not go up. Instead his attention is fixed on the stone beneath his feet. He feels he carried and laid those heavy stone steps. When looking at a photo of a winery, Bob could smell burning wood and realized he was the one who made the wine barrels. The burning came from the way in which he attached the metal rings to the barrels.

Guiding the group through a series of paintings, I instruct everyone to imagine their relationship with the painters. Many of them could smell the turpentine. Bob found he was the one who made the paint brushes. In all of Bob’s lives, he found he was a craftsman, and in his current life, he also works with his hands.

LORI: When Lori was directed to the stairs, she felt she was in simple clothes and probably a servant. Looking through the keyhole, she saw a young male going to meet his future wife and family. He was hesitant being fixed up with a woman he did not know.

SYLVIA: Sylvia saw herself as a stocky, middle- aged man who, as a traveling judge, was weary and overwhelmed as he went from village to village listening to local cases. The name that came to her was “Bernard Du Lac,” a name she is going to research. Sylvia also saw herself as a dancing ballerina on a flat stone in the middle of a lake full of flowers feeling peaceful and joyful. When directed to peek through a keyhole, she saw into a living room with two women in 1800s dresses playing cards, two men by a fireplace drinking ale, and a dog lying on the floor. Sylvia was a child who was supposed to be in bed, but instead snuck downstairs to peek through the keyhole.

NAN: Nan noticed that in one "visit" after another, the only place that resonated with her was the farmland. The large castle and beautifully decorated rooms left her with the feeling that "that's not my world!" Her comment was, “I feel I have always lived a simple life, as I do now.”

I was delighted to see how easily the group traversed from one experience to the next often picking up visions, smells and emotions along the way. We will be traveling into the past once again on April 14th. I hope you can join us!

Marnie Vincolisi

Monday, March 3, 2014

How to Relax as You Manifest Your Heart's Desire

Creating the magnetic pull to accomplish your dream can be easier than you think. But, if the time element of waiting for your dream to manifest is causing you stress or frustration, here are some quick, simple steps you can take to bring ease into your life.

First, surround yourself with positive people, those who have already manifested what you are looking for. If you want a better job, hang with people who love what they do and are successful. If you want a better relationship than your last one, spend time with couples who are respectful, playful and loving with each other. Make sure your single friends are upbeat, positive and supportive of your situation.  Mix up your social time so you may be enveloped by harmonious couples and singles of both genders. Don’t make every social event a time to look for that special one. Merely make your time out playful.

Next, let the joy of others rub off on you. Bask in their light and envision how it will feel when you are in a similar position. Say to yourself, “I can have that.”  To create success I have taken my bike on the trails that run behind beautiful expensive homes. I ride down the streets and the owners of these homes smile and wave to me assuming I live there. I wave back accepting that I could be a neighbor who lives around the corner. This gives my desire a taste of reality which empowers it.

The most important rule is to never lose sight of your dream. Hold the picture in your heart. Do not give it a lot of details. Rather, allow the Universe to fill in the blanks. You will get more than you could have imagined. This also speeds up the process and relieves stress. Put your wish out there and know in your heart it will manifest. Let go of timelines and allow it to unfold naturally as you find joy in the present moment. In this way time will pass more quickly and before you know it, your desire will arrive.

Marnie Vincolosi