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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fuel Intention with Clarity to Manifest Your Heart's Desire

By the time you receive this, I will be high in the sky heading to Argentina. This is a tour of trust. We have a few things planned, but there are many time slots that are undecided, and in a country like Argentina one needs to go with the flow.

I understand the people here are quite relaxed in their demeanor and a scheduled time is often an hour or two later than designated. This could be a challenge for a hyper American.

When it comes to manifesting something you desire, it helps to meditate, visualize, and affirm that which the heart desires. But it is intention that fuels the fire along with emotion. If you are following a given process, yet your desire is not manifesting before your eyes, perhaps deep down in the sub-consciousness mind, your intention is not clear.

In the stillness of the mind all answers are revealed. Ask the question, “What are my intentions? Are they clearly defined or are they clouded by past experiences?” Then wait for the response and expect to get one. The answer will arise when you least expect it so be aware of the messages that are presented to you during the day.

Think of me during the next two weeks and as I direct my attention towards being in the flow, perhaps you could do the same. In this way we will be supporting each other because intention is our strongest asset.

With intention,

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