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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Brain Power: The Mind-Body Connection

Our brains are complex organs that constantly distribute information to our bodies. Yet when we experience a physical disorder, we approach the body first and ignore the brain. This is backwards, and the physical issue will not be alleviated until we also address the mind.

The amygdala is the part of our brain that records fear and puts us in a fight or flight mode when danger is perceived. Unfortunately the brain does not have a time clock and it actually can get stuck in this mode not realizing that the danger has passed. When this happens, the body records emotional trauma in a variety of physical forms that often show up years after the trauma has occurred. To repair this malfunction, the amygdala needs to be reprogrammed, and the brain needs to be reset.

The good news is that by nurturing the body and energetically connecting to the brain and all its functions, the reset can occur. I have been integrating a new practice into my spiritual clearings that does just that. People tell me they feel as if their brain has been "defragged." Others have commented when they get off the table, ”What did you just do? I feel so different.”

If you are ready to get your brain and body in sync in present time, give me a call.

Marnie Vincolisi

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