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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Problems Are Like Passing Clouds

In the practice of Chi Gong there is a movement called "Cloud Hands." One hand passes in front of the other in a repetitive motion. It is quite calming and I find I enjoy the flow.

One day while performing this movement, I began to compare its similarity to life. When problems arise, they are like clouds. These difficulties often obstruct our view, just like clouds. And just like clouds, these problems will pass. They never stay long and yet, in the moment, it sometimes appears as if they will never leave.

So the next time a problem comes to the surface, still your thoughts by taking a breath and quiet yourself in the moment. Then recall the movement of the clouds and how they move at their own speed without any direction from you. You cannot hurry them nor can you clear them. They are just part of life. Once you accept that you are not in control and take your attention off the haze, it eventually clears. Just like the problems that arise in life.

Just watching the clouds go by,

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