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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Smile and the World Smiles with You!

We are now into the holiday season and what fun it is! People love to decorate and you may ask why? For me it reflects the joy of the season. The holidays are a time when you can put aside all reason and make things as gaudy as you like, and people just marvel at the effect. So why not honor the joy locked inside you and decorate yourself?

Ah, but how? The best way I know is to smile. A smile brightens even the most tired face. If you are not feeling cheery this season because of problems that arise, why not fake it till you make it? When you smile, people smile back, which sets the stage for the next person you greet. There is no need for words because a smile has its own language. It works in all countries, with adults, adolescents, babies, and even animals. Have you ever seen a dog smile? It is quite adorable.

Begin your self-decorating today with a smile. You just might be surprised at how it has a tendency to expand.

Happy to Be in Your Life,

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