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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Brain Power: The Mind-Body Connection

Our brains are complex organs that constantly distribute information to our bodies. Yet when we experience a physical disorder, we approach the body first and ignore the brain. This is backwards, and the physical issue will not be alleviated until we also address the mind.

The amygdala is the part of our brain that records fear and puts us in a fight or flight mode when danger is perceived. Unfortunately the brain does not have a time clock and it actually can get stuck in this mode not realizing that the danger has passed. When this happens, the body records emotional trauma in a variety of physical forms that often show up years after the trauma has occurred. To repair this malfunction, the amygdala needs to be reprogrammed, and the brain needs to be reset.

The good news is that by nurturing the body and energetically connecting to the brain and all its functions, the reset can occur. I have been integrating a new practice into my spiritual clearings that does just that. People tell me they feel as if their brain has been "defragged." Others have commented when they get off the table, ”What did you just do? I feel so different.”

If you are ready to get your brain and body in sync in present time, give me a call.

Marnie Vincolisi

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why Meditate?

There are 1,400 minutes in a day. Can you carve out 20 minutes for yourself each day? The magic number for meditation is just that. It’s been proven that by devoting time every day to a meditation practice, you will gain space for personal growth, peace of mind, clarity, and physical and mental well-being.

The quieting of the mind allows for daily integration of the information that comes up during our seemingly uneventful days. Actually, life is very eventful. But much of it is happening below the surface on a subconscious level. When the mind is given time to be still, it is better equipped to process negative emotions such as fear, doubt, and worry, and receive non-egoic messages that guide us forward from a place of love and inspiration. By simply placing awareness on the breath and noticing the gaps in between, we open a space for joy and other positive feelings to come forth.

Accept nothing I say as absolute. See for yourself how meditation works for you. And give it time. It takes 21 days to make and integrate change. Give yourself the gift of time and you will see new healthy habits will begin to form. This new routine just may change your entire outlook on life.

From my quiet heart to yours,
Marnie Vincolisi

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fuel Intention with Clarity to Manifest Your Heart's Desire

By the time you receive this, I will be high in the sky heading to Argentina. This is a tour of trust. We have a few things planned, but there are many time slots that are undecided, and in a country like Argentina one needs to go with the flow.

I understand the people here are quite relaxed in their demeanor and a scheduled time is often an hour or two later than designated. This could be a challenge for a hyper American.

When it comes to manifesting something you desire, it helps to meditate, visualize, and affirm that which the heart desires. But it is intention that fuels the fire along with emotion. If you are following a given process, yet your desire is not manifesting before your eyes, perhaps deep down in the sub-consciousness mind, your intention is not clear.

In the stillness of the mind all answers are revealed. Ask the question, “What are my intentions? Are they clearly defined or are they clouded by past experiences?” Then wait for the response and expect to get one. The answer will arise when you least expect it so be aware of the messages that are presented to you during the day.

Think of me during the next two weeks and as I direct my attention towards being in the flow, perhaps you could do the same. In this way we will be supporting each other because intention is our strongest asset.

With intention,

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

People Who Make a Difference

This weekend I was compelled to go to the movies to see Selma, the story of Martin Luther King’s campaign to secure equal voting rights via an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965. I find when spirit moves me to do something and I follow it, magic happens, as it did this weekend.

The movie itself stirred my emotions and focused my thoughts upon what we can do as individuals and within a group to make dramatic changes. The bravery of the people who stood up for their rights in the 60s is beyond what I can fathom. I do not think I could be as fearless. I salute them. As the film came to an end and the credits subsided, no one in the theater moved which left me wondering. Am I doing enough? What can I do to help those who are oppressed for I know prejudice still exists within this country and throughout the civilized world.

Though I was alone, I turned and spoke to a couple behind me, only to find out that we had met before. We did not want the evening to end so we continued our conversation back at my home. The synchronicity continued. The man’s father was passing and was born one year before my mom. His dad was a vet from World War II and had a similar story to my first husband. They both had memories of what they saw in the war yet this recollection of their truth of what happened was denied. Not only did the military invalidate his father’s memories but, they put him under psychiatric care for sticking to his story.

War is ugly and its effects do not stop at the battleground. They continue till death do us part. The same goes for the brave souls who stood up for their rights as American citizens in the South. I ask myself, “When will this stop? What can I do to prevent the continuation of this physical and mental abuse?”

For now, I will keep my heart open and know that the Light I direct out to situations and people will not be in vain. I command it!

In the Light,
Marnie Vincolisi