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Thursday, December 24, 2015

May the Force of Light Be With You!

My annual holiday party was a huge success. If you attended, you know what I'm talking about, and if you missed it, I hope you will be at the upcoming healing share on January 12th so I can give you a blessing in the New Year.

To me, parties at my place are about connecting people, honoring our similarities and our differences, and sharing our lives with those who care. This party was especially significant because of the diversity of the people who showed up. Not only did my Reiki community appear, but people from the Chi Gong practice (be assured I will incorporate more into our healing share next year), my soul retrieval group, neighbors (whose eyes were opened because of our alternative lifestyles), personal friends, and new acquaintances. It was delightful and just how I envision a party.

I have always dreamed of having someone appear who would play my piano and one such angel manifested. Even though I can play, sort of, you probably would not enjoy listening as I require more practice than I have time to give. The magic happened as melodic turns floated through the house. Joined by some of my guests, we let our voices ring out with the joy of the season. I apologize for not being able to spend more time with each individual. When a new light being would show up, I was compelled to greet them. And when I saw someone standing alone, I scanned the crowd to intuit with whom they would enjoy talking. I was in my element.

(By the way, as I write this I am flying in a rather turbulent sky. The process I have shared with you to calm rocking planes in the Reiki first degree class was not working so I expanded the energy of the plane. Instead of extending ChoKuRei down from the plane, I also directed it out from the wings, in front of the nose, out back behind the tail and up towards the sky. The pilot told us it would be bumpy for a half hour. The roller coaster effect stopped immediately and our flight became calm).

So my message for you this holiday season is to find the people in your family that stand out and connect them to those who will honor their differences. If we were all the same, how boring life would be. You might search for that part in them that will connect with another. Family situations can be complicated and stressful, but if you take a moment to tune into what someone would enjoy, it can change an agitated holiday dinner into one that flows with the love of the season.

Remember the end of December is a time that radiates love. Religions and indigenous people honor this time with ceremony. Tune into it. Channel it to the ones you love and yourself as well, and don't forget, I'm here for you, sharing my light with you and the world. We can make a difference, one heart at a time.

May the Force (Light) be with You!
Marnie Vincolisi

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Problems Are Like Passing Clouds

In the practice of Chi Gong there is a movement called "Cloud Hands." One hand passes in front of the other in a repetitive motion. It is quite calming and I find I enjoy the flow.

One day while performing this movement, I began to compare its similarity to life. When problems arise, they are like clouds. These difficulties often obstruct our view, just like clouds. And just like clouds, these problems will pass. They never stay long and yet, in the moment, it sometimes appears as if they will never leave.

So the next time a problem comes to the surface, still your thoughts by taking a breath and quiet yourself in the moment. Then recall the movement of the clouds and how they move at their own speed without any direction from you. You cannot hurry them nor can you clear them. They are just part of life. Once you accept that you are not in control and take your attention off the haze, it eventually clears. Just like the problems that arise in life.

Just watching the clouds go by,

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Smile and the World Smiles with You!

We are now into the holiday season and what fun it is! People love to decorate and you may ask why? For me it reflects the joy of the season. The holidays are a time when you can put aside all reason and make things as gaudy as you like, and people just marvel at the effect. So why not honor the joy locked inside you and decorate yourself?

Ah, but how? The best way I know is to smile. A smile brightens even the most tired face. If you are not feeling cheery this season because of problems that arise, why not fake it till you make it? When you smile, people smile back, which sets the stage for the next person you greet. There is no need for words because a smile has its own language. It works in all countries, with adults, adolescents, babies, and even animals. Have you ever seen a dog smile? It is quite adorable.

Begin your self-decorating today with a smile. You just might be surprised at how it has a tendency to expand.

Happy to Be in Your Life,