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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Quick Remedy for Food Poisoning

I have a health tip for you today. Put it in the back of your mind and hopefully you will never need it. Going out to eat is fun and I often get new ideas for cooking at home, but tainted and spoiled food can creep into some of the best restaurants. I have been told by a restaurant owner that there is really no such thing as the 24-hour flu. When this ailment appears, it is food poisoning!

A quick remedy is charcoal. The charcoal will attract the parasites in your stomach and colon causing you to feel bad. These nasty little critters hang in the warmth of your body. The faster you take the charcoal, the quicker the symptoms will subside.

You can purchase charcoal in capsules which make it easy to digest. I always have some in my medicine cabinet and take it along on trips. Charcoal will bind up your system so take vitamin C to keep things releasing from your colon. Start with three capsules of each every hour until the symptoms decrease. This will only take two or three doses. Then take two capsules of each the next day two or three times. This should clear out your system.

I know this is not pleasant to talk about, but it really is good to know in your time of need. If you are proficient with a pendulum check, see if your stomach upset is from parasites from spoiled food or something else. Then ask if this remedy will work for you.

There will be a class in how to increase your intuitive skills September 6 at 6pm. On August 30th, we will work with pendulums and other ways to access your inner knowledge in a Chigong class. Click here for details. With practice, you can get accurate information even at a time when your body is stressed.

To your health,

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