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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Illusion of Time and How to Slow it Down (or Speed it Up!)

Often there does not seem to be enough time to accomplish what is planned for the day. The holiday season along with end of the year duties only add to an already tight schedule. Wouldn't it be helpful if you could create more time to any given project? Perhaps I can help.

What makes a duty stressful is when you feel rushed and concerned about running out of time before a deadline, whether self-imposed or otherwise. Because the illusion of time can appear to change according to our mental state, the trick is stretching time in a way that can make the mind think it has more time.

Have you ever journeyed to a new place and it appeared to take an extended period of time to arrive yet on the way back, the time seemed shorter? The distance was the same as was the time it took to travel both ways, but the time it took felt different. You can make time seem shorter when you are working on a project with this simple step. Stay in present time!

When you are doing one thing while thinking about something else, time seems to drag even though you are rushing. If you would hold your attention on the task at hand, that project will appear to (and perhaps) be accomplished faster. Think of a time when you were in the zone, happy and enjoying what you were doing. Didn't you find that job seem to complete quickly? At that time, you were in present time. By paying attention to your job, you will relieve stress, work faster, and get more accomplished in a shorter period of time, thus stretching time.

Now go on about you day, check off the items on you list one by one as you concentrate only on one item at a time. And enjoy this holiday season. You just may be able to add one more fun thing to your list, like singing the Messiah with your family in San Francisco. I did. :)

Happy holidays,

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