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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What Does Remote Healing Feel Like?

Love comes in many forms.
I am blessed to say that I rarely require healing energy to balance my body, but last week I had a small surgery and put out a request to my friends. Seeing I am usually at the giving end of energy work, it was interesting to sense what is felt when a lot of light beings send healing my way.

My hernia surgery was on Thursday, and on Friday, here in Colorado we had record-breaking weather --72 degrees and a calm sunny day. I was sitting in my back yard with a friend who had just gifted me with a cranial sacral treatment. As we soaked up the sun, I suddenly had a euphoric feeling of being lifted out of my chair and wrapped in a cocoon. I knew the session we had was strong, but this felt like nothing I'd experienced before.

As I allowed the sensations to envelop me I knew that what I felt was the love, compassion, and healing light directed my way from my friends. It lasted quite awhile. I was being nurtured.

So when you need healing light sent your way, do not hesitate to call out to your circle of friends and family, and include me in the list. I can tell you that what you get back is real!

Be your own valentine today and treat yourself with kindness.

Lovingly in the light,

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