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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What To Do With Nagging Thoughts

Have you ever sat down to meditate and find that all you get are thoughts running around in your head with no way to stop them? Here is a solution.

When thoughts continue to inhabit your brain, when all you want to do is be at peace for a moment, use this simple technique. See your thoughts as books that need to be put back onto the shelf. Take a short time to visit what they are saying and then remove them. Some can be in the forefront where they can be easily accessed at a later more appropriate time but, for now they are put aside. Some thoughts need to be in the back of the shelf where they can be accessed, but not too often.

Meditation gives your mind a time to clear and organize your thoughts. Remember, when you take the time to meditate, you do not need to dictate what will occur. Your psyche knows what is best for you to calm your busy mind.  The practice of meditation is to allow your brain to clear and know that it has no agenda in the process.

Be still my friends, and know you are loved. 


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