Monday, November 1, 2010

Being Psychic is Easier than You Think!

This morning I realized how effortless it can be to be intuitive. For the last week I have been thinking about how I can increase the bookings at my vacation rental home in Denver. I felt if I offered a reduced rate for late bookings perhaps I could increase my income. I jumped (well fell is more like it) out of bed and headed to my computer. I opened up my emails and there it was, someone who needed a rental next week and she was asking for a reduced rate and she was offering just the price I had in mind. Wow, now that is manifesting.

Being intuitive and applying your psychic abilities can become second nature when you allow yourself to become aware of what you are thinking. Thoughts have power and you can put them to your advantage when they are positive rather than letting them become blocks when they are negative.

Place Your Desires Out Into the Universe
Next time you desire to have a thing in your life which is constructive and will not harm another put your psychic charms to work. Keep a clear picture of what having this thing will look like and most of all feel like. Take the thought from your mind and place it out into the Universe where it can magnetically draw to you the people who can make it happen. Then sit back and allow the flow of the Universe to bring it to you.

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Check out the short video on this very subject.

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  1. This was one of my favorite classes of yours that I attended. It was fun and practical. Hope to see you in Denver again soon!