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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prepare for a Divine Day

If you want to learn how to meditate the first thing you will want to do is make it simple. If the task at hand becomes complicated and lengthy you will probably not continue with the practice.

When I awake in the morning my spiritual practice is to set my day into action by visualizing a light around my body, I then extend it to those I love and then out into the days events. This does not take very long to do. Some practices would encourage you to spend at least twenty minutes in deep meditation but I find that this may not be necessary. If you have already been meditating you may find this practice is set into your energy field and therefore does not need prolonged attention. Sending out the visual thought can be enough.

If you have not practiced stilling your mind through perhaps meditation MP3 or CDs you may benefit by giving the mind 5 to 10 minutes of quite contemplation. Once your mind registers the value of these quite periods you can enter into them to set an intention. It will only take a moment to give a positive charge to your desire and then you can go about your day knowing a bright force is guiding the actions of you and those around you.

As I was walking this morning I listened to a song I had not heard in sometime. It speaks of a melody which is carried by the ones we love. What a beautiful and simple analogy. Musical tones move us emotionally and set a tone for us to follow. When you think of balancing and centering an event, relationship or intention think of it as a melody and notice how easy and gentle the task becomes.
Who or what in your life carries the melody? We do not walk on this planet alone, there is always a song playing, who plays yours? Listen to the lyrics as Patti Austin sings "In My Life".

Enjoy your day from the start to the finish.

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