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Friday, November 5, 2010

How Releasing Baggage Can Clear Your Mind

I’m not talking emotional baggage, though this process will support your emotional health as well; I’m talking about the physical stuff that has been hanging around you for years. Where is it? Is it in the garage, in the basement, in your closet, the kitchen drawers? Do I need to go on? You know where it is and there are also the hidden places that you never even thing of looking at. Now may be the time to clear the clutter and clear your mind. This is a physical process but you will find it can transform into spiritual gifts as well.

This is not a weekend project, it will take months as letting go comes in stages. First you do the obvious, the clutter that you are tripping over in the garage. The garage is where you keep your vehicle that propels you through life. Do you want to move forward? Then you better make a space for that to happen. What is in your garage, why are you keeping it? If it is about money ask yourself will I really use this in the future? Then figure out how much money you are saving by keeping it and does this hold enough value. Is the item you have obsolete, are the ones which are made now more efficient, can you rent one just as easily and not have this old form hanging around?  You make the decision and by looking at each item you are making those choices consciously rather than ignoring that they exist. This form of consciousness will then transfer to other parts of your life which need attention.

Now let’s look at your basement. What is hiding in the corners? How many years do those coats have to hang there before you realize that you are not going to wear them again? You have waited long enough, now they are out of style. How about items left over from an old project, business ideas, or children who have since left the home. The weight of these physical items are holding you back from finding and doing what warms your heart. The mind cannot become clear when it is cluttered with thoughts. It is the same with your physical environment, as you let go of the physical the emotional can release as well which creates a space for new ideas.

Just clean out one corner and notice how it feels. That lightness and clarity that you sense and feel in that small area will give you the initiative to continue with this clearing project. Now your mind can also clear and this clarity will transfer across and into your life.

Next you may want to venture into a place that you spend a lot of time preparing food and nurturing your body, the kitchen. Every time you open a drawer the sight of the clutter in that unkempt drawer is registered into your psyche. I spent time and cleaned out my junk drawer and actually did it twice. The first time it felt pretty good but within a month I again felt the need to rid this drawer of items which I realized were not of use. The second clearing is when it really started to resonate differently when I opened the drawer, I could quite a feeling of accomplishment. It just made me smile to look at it, all neat and tidy.

So often we try to change by reading books, taking seminars and physiotherapy, which all have value but the change happens when movement occurs. Everything has energy and when you just take the time to transfer that energy by discarding the old, unused, obsolete items, all the work you have done with these classes and books begins to take form. Now there is space for your energy field to integrate the information you have stored for all of these years. Then sit back and enjoy the clear view.

Try it and let me know how it works.

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  1. I was just thinking about this! Our garage is fine but this one kitchen drawer is my nemesis--I clean it out and then a few months later, it's crazy again. I also have a bunch of closets to clean out which I'm hoping to do by the holidays. Thanks for the tips and I'll let you know how it goes. :)