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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let the Magic In

Being in the flow shows up in many different ways. Last weekend  I had the desire to go to the symphony, but could not find anyone to join me. By following my intuition, I booked a ticket just for me, trusting I would enjoy the music even if I was by myself.

Upon my arrival, I sat in the lobby looking around at all the people thinking maybe I would see someone I knew. This was to no avail. I proceeded to my seat, and just before the concert began, two men entered my row. Much to my delight, they were friends of mine and they were only two seats away. I changed seats with the women next to me and enjoyed the melodic voice of Dianne Reeves not alone (thought that would have been alright) but with my friends.

My life is magic! I affirm it often and allow the magic to show up for me. The Universe is always there by our sides adjusting the energies for our comfort if only we trust the process. I say to you, jump in, throw caution to the wind and move out of your comfort zone. You just may be surprised to see how the Universe will support you. 

Marnie Vincolisi

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