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Monday, January 13, 2014

Want to Make a Change? Start Small!

Do you want some aspect of your life to look different? Start by making simple changes and the rest of your life will  follow suit.

Today, order something on the menu you haven’t tried before.  Take a different route home from work. Reverse the order of your walk or work out. And instead of handing a street person a dollar, sit down and talk to them, and ask how they are doing. If you want more love in your life, express compassion to others. There may be someone who really pushes your buttons this week, do something nice for them. It could be as simple as a smile or a kind thought sent in their direction. Next time you think of complaining about them, stop and send a kind thought instead. Thoughts have energy. Be observant of your thoughts.

Now extend compassion to your inner child. Remember this is a child so when it pouts, whines, and makes excuses, redirect his or her  attention. Point out the good things in her life. If you can’t think of any, make something  up. Kids love a good fairy tale and by changing the focus of your inner child’s thoughts, you are rewriting the script and changing the energy.

Thoughts Have Power

Keep your life simple; don’t make things more difficult than they are. You are the master of your life, the creator of your destiny. Begin today to change just a little. In the movie “What About Bob,” the physiologist wrote a book called “Baby Steps.” Today be like Bob. Take your gold fish, tie it around your neck and take a few baby steps into your new life, one you have consciously designed. Big change begins with one small step.

Many Blessings
Marnie Vincolisi

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