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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Black Hole vs. Black Whole

I must tell you about an amazing and informative DVD called "Black Hole."  Not to be mistaken with "The Black  Hole" by Disney. Massim Haramein, a physiatrist, has discovered and shown through Sacred Geometry what lies in the seeming emptiness of space. He claims the black holes of space probably should be considered black wholes because of what is found within them. And within this emptiness of space he shows how we are all connected; to each other, to nature and far beyond, out into the stars.

One could become quite confused with his scientific language, axioms, and formulas, but that is not where the gift of his information resides. It is found within his heart. What a concept for a scientist. As I listened to his findings, I removed my thought from trying to understand how he came to his conclusions and instead paid attention to his energy, for that is what he is actually talking about - energy, and how it encompasses every part of everything.

Listening to his lecture is similar to being at a concert and enjoying the performers. These people have spent their entire lives honing their skills. We are then washed over by their gifts. Haramein has followed a similar path. He speaks of his youth when he questioned science and made his own discoveries while riding home in a school bus.

There is no way one can conceptualize the formulas in his presentation unless you are a physiatrist yourself. So don't stress yourself out. Relax and tune into the excitement Haramein has for the years he has put into his work. Breathe it all in with the images he has to explain these formulas.

His presentation is quite balanced. He fills your left brain with scientific proof which scrambles your thoughts, and then he entertains your right brain with beautiful visuals to emphasize his point. I have studied Sacred Geometry for years, and I am delighted to see how this enlightened scientist brings it all together. 

When I listen to music, I do not try to understand each note, their correlation to each other and how the composer came to arrange them in this manner. I merely sit back and enjoy the sound. I suggest you do the same while watching "Black Hole."

Black Hole featuring Nassim Harramein distributed by Gaiam

Marnie Vincolisi

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