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Sunday, May 25, 2014

How Releasing Baggage Can Clear Your Mind

vacuuming When I suggest releasing baggage, I’m not talking about the emotional kind. I’m referring to  the physical stuff that has been hanging around you for years. Where is it? Is it in the garage, the basement, your closet, the kitchen drawers?  You know where it is. There are also the hidden places that you never think of looking. Now may be the time to clean out the clutter and clear your mind. This is a physical process that will transform into a spiritual practice as well.

This is not just a quick fix so be prepared to give it time. It may take months. Letting go comes in stages. First you clear away the obvious clutter you are tripping over in the garage, the place where you store the vehicle that propels you through life. Do you want to move forward? Then you’d better make a space for that to happen.

What else is in your garage and why are you keeping it?  If you believe it’s about money, ask yourself if you will really use this in the future? Then figure out how much money you are saving by keeping it. Does this hold enough value? Is the item you are clinging to obsolete? Are the ones which are made now more efficient? Can you rent one instead and not have this old form hanging around?  

Look at each item and make a conscious choice around its place in your life rather than ignoring it exists. This form of conscious behavior will translate into other parts of your life which also need attention. Clean out one corner and notice how it feels. The lightness and clarity will give you the initiative to continue with this clearing process.

So often we try to change by reading books, taking seminars and talk therapy, which all have value but the change happens when action occurs. Everything has energy and when you take the time to transfer that energy by discarding old, unused, obsolete items, all the work you have done with these classes and books begins to take form. Now there is space for your energy field to integrate the information you have stored all these years.

You’ve got a three-day weekend coming up. Why not make it a time to begin discarding old energy that’s holding you back. Try it and let me know how it works.

Marnie Vincolisi

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