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Friday, May 30, 2014

Express Your Creativity with Love

During a recent weekend, I enjoyed a whirlwind of creative activities. I went to an art opening at a local gallery and attended a number of great performances. All this activity gave me the opportunity to see how personal creativity can open hearts and help us heal.

So often I hear how metaphysical people want to help others by teaching or doing some type of hands-on healing, but they do not realize how they are helping others by just being themselves. It is the presence of your being which moves and inspires people. Let me explain.

The gallery owner had a natural talent for locating unusual artists and knowing how to spatially place their work for the best viewing. This may seem simple enough to him, but it created a feeling of fresh air and movement in his store which allowed his patrons to relax, release stress, and appreciate the art.

After attending a dance performance, I became aware of how just the right dancers and choreographers were brought together to set the mood and drive home a point. Without commentary, the audience was able to feel the religious as well as political trials of blacks living in the 1930s. The jazz uplifted my heart and I noticed how the producers presence alone inspired me to feel my own gifts.

In a stunning ballet performance that weekend, as I watched the main character dance across the stage, I felt her heart go out to the audience. The ballets story line also expressed how our higher self can give us everything our heart desires, if we stay open to receiving it.

All of these artists touched the hearts of others, and brought healing light and joy without ever physically touching the body. Take a moment to recognize how you touch others, perhaps with just a smile. You never know how your kindness can lift another and make a difference in their day and perhaps their life. Today, start by smiling at yourself and then let it spread.

Many Blessings,
Marnie Vincolisi

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