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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Understanding and Letting Go of Depression

Depression is such a strong word. The softer side of it is sadness. We're all hit by this at one time or another. It is part of our emotional makeup, and it is not a good idea to judge yourself when it occurs. When a strong emotion arises, it provides an opportunity to search deeper into your soul for an understanding of what is really occurring.

Because I have a strong spiritual and meditation practice, I am grateful that I do not touch depression often, so when it does appear, it puzzles and inspires me to research its cause. I was in such a state recently, and it gave rise to new insight about this emotional darkness.

I was deeply sad the entire day, and I finally gave in and lay down to meditate to see if I could feel better. Much to my surprise, I found the origin of my emotional state. When you allow yourself to go into the quiet of your mind through meditation, what is revealed is often surprising. Some meditators would say, "My guides told me this," or "I heard a voice that said that."  But that is not how I receive guidance. I just think the answer.

I find this is a tricky way to get messages because it is easy to believe that I am making it up and it is not real guidance. Over the years I have become accustomed to the way information is given to me. It just pops into my head and resonates through my entire being. I wish I heard a voice or saw messages written in living light, but that is not for me. I only have this simple approach to inner guidance. I just know it.

So what came through? Expectations. Depression comes from wanting something that has not happened in the way you wanted. You may have envisioned an outcome to a particular situation and when it does not turn out the way you planned, you feel sad. If you keep running it through your head long enough, it can manifest into depression. When these ideas build up over the years, it can create chronic depression.

The solution is in seeing the pressure you overlaid onto the situation by being attached to a particular outcome and realizing that it can be let go. Once you understand you have the power to rewrite the script that has been stalking you, the emotion turns around. You can look at it with new eyes, give it a new twist, and come at it from a new perspective. It does not take years of therapy. Once you become aware of what is running this emotion, you can stop, look it in the eye and say, “You do not have a hold on me any longer.”

We are on this road together. Let my insights guide you to a place where you can perhaps be a little freer from your stories. We all have them. Time to let some of them go.

Watch for my weekly meditation class which will start in October.

Many Blessings,
Marnie Vincolosi

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