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Monday, January 19, 2015

A Time for Introspection

Mercury is going into retrograde (January 21) and it feels like spring in Denver. When Mercury goes retro, it is a sign for us to take time to move inward and observe the sensations which are presented to us. But with 62 degrees outside, I just want to take a hike and forget about everything!

So let’s follow the yin/yang of this energy. As you pause to reflect upon deeper thoughts, don’t forget there is a lighter side to every situation, i.e., the coming of spring. For myself, I find when I am deep in a process and integrating the issues that arise, nature is my solace. I often set up my meditations so that when I come out of them I see nature. I sit by a window or when it is warm like it is now, I meditate in the sun with a blanket.

So don’t let Mercury throw you off. Use the energy to understand situations in your life fully, without judgment. Center in your heart and look within for your answers.

Marnie Vincolisi

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