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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Going Over 55? Slow Down!

Now that I am over 55, what I have found is that I cannot multi-task as I once could. I find that I get stressed in situations which did not bother me when I was younger. For example, the energy of my granddaughters can stress me out if I have other stressors happening at the same time. So I asked myself, "Why."

As women, once we go into menopause, our ovaries stop producing the hormones they once did. What I did not realize until recently is that our adrenals are the organs that now take over the job of hormone supply. Now I understand why I can become stressed more easily and why it feels good to slow down and just be.

I find that in stressful times I am taking time to sit, with no agenda, and watch the sun set. It seems to take care of what is troubling my mind. I see how my body’s reaction to stress makes sense. My adrenals are working overtime making up for the hormones that my body once produced. They are more easily compromised. I realized I must still myself on a more regular basis in order to support my adrenal health.

Although this applies to us baby boomers, it is also a word of advice for those of you who are younger. If you feel you can do it all and your body can take it, think again. Look at where you hold your stress and give yourself a few quiet moments each day to say to your adrenals, “I’m here for you. I support you. I love you.”

Thank you for slowing down to read this!

In the Light,

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