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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

How can these questions be answered and with whom do you need to connect in order to find the real truth?

It is really much simpler than you have imagined. The left brain wants to keep things complicated. In that way it is in control. If you can step away from the analyzing and searching you just may find your answer.

In the stillness of meditation this connection can be made because the answers do not lie outside of you. They are found within! At the beginning of each healing exchange I direct the group into a meditation. It is only a short time but as a group we go deep and for those moments, and for some time after, new perceptions are attained.

Tonight I will direct the group into a space where we can feel and reacquaint ourselves to the “I” within. Please join me tonight at 6:45pm MST in Centennial, CO and if you cannot be here physically, tune in energetically at 7:10pm Mountain Standard Time and see if you can pick up on the high frequency we will be channeling.

In the Light,

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