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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Financial Struggles? A Way To Financial Freedom!

Have you had situations in your life where you felt you made the wrong financial decision or that finances were held back from you unfairly. I ask you, can you look at this in a different way?

Often times a financial struggle can open you to a new way of being. These situations can force you to adopt a new perspective. You must allow your creative juices to flow to understand how to rise above the struggle. As you look back at challenging situations, have you found that you have grown immensely in the process?

If you allow yourself to perceive old struggles in a new way., you may find that your battles were actually opportunities. Notice if you have risen above and found the gift in the opportunity given to you by the challenge that was presented to you.

Everything in life is a gift, even if in the moment it doesn’t appear to be. We are here on this earth to expand and send love to every situation that is presented to us.

During this week of the heart, look at where you can be softer with yourself. Open up and look back at times when you felt finances were being taken away from you unfairly and see how that situation allowed you to grow and rise above the human limitations that were presented to you. Open your heart and give those involved and yourself the love that you’re looking to receive from outside yourself.

Money is really only energy that you give and receive. It has only the value that you assign it.

As you see the gifts that you have been given by not allowing negativities to drive you down, it will open your heart and you will truly have a lovely Valentine’s Day. Why? Because you’re receiving the love from the one that means the most – yourself.

No one can give you love. You are the one who creates it. You are the one who opens to it and you are the one who responds back to it. Give yourself the gift of love. Feel it and know it is yours alone to have and no one can take it away from you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Marnie Vincolisi

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