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Monday, February 23, 2015

In the Stillness of the Storm

This past weekend, here in Colorado, we had a major snow storm. It blanketed the entire city in soft white light. We were forewarned that we would be getting up to 16” and call me crazy, but I was looking forward to it! Apparently I was not alone in my anticipation. Others shared with me that they too were excited by the impending storm.

The snow gave me time to nestle in and be still. Because it happened on a weekend, others felt that this was just what they needed to grant themselves some quiet time. The snow-muffled sound created a blanket of stillness and created a quiet magical space. The cold kept people indoors so there was little or no activity to be seen, which added to the enchantment.

Snowstorms are the highlight of winter. Winter is about going inside and reevaluating the last year. It gives us time to unwind and re-sync everything that has recently occurred. Too often we get caught up in the ever-present activities of life and do not stop to embody what has been given to us. When a storm hits, there is nothing you can do but stay inside and if you are smart, you will use the time wisely.

Suggestions for finding stillness during a storm:
  1. Recall the joys and confrontations of the last year.
  2. Observe the gifts that came from these situations.
  3. Let your body feel and integrate the information.
  4. Now be still and know there is nothing you need to do or learn.
  5. All the answers lie within.
  6. Listen.
From my warm heart to yours,

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