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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Unchain Your Heart

Over time, many incidences occur that lock down our hearts and our ability to be fully open. An image came to me in the middle of the night of a heart being wrapped in chains. If there are times that your heart feels like this, use this image and the following exercise to help you remove the chains that bind you. The mind understands pictures better than words. So if we give the mind a picture to work with, it will respond.

Imagine that each chain on this link is a story, something that's held your heart closed over eons--not only in this lifetime, but in past lifetimes, future lifetimes, and parallel time frames. Focus on encompassing all time frames as you do the following exercise, and you will be able to integrate this process on a deep level:
  1. Begin by relaxing and paying attention to your breath as it gently moves in and out of your lungs.
  2. As you breathe, notice the sensations in your body as your energy becomes still. Have the intention of moving into your center.
  3. Imagine each link being an incident that hurt your heart.
  4. There is no need to remember each story or trauma that occurred. But if a memory arises, face it by allowing it to integrate with the feelings that arise.
  5. Do not get attached to the feelings. Just observe them.
  6. See each of these stories as a program that requires closure and storage. Place each story in a manila folder as if it was on your computer screen, and file it away.
  7. Continue with this process until all the links are removed around your heart.
  8. Now notice how it feels when you take a breath. Is it easier to breathe? Is the center of your chest softer? Just be aware of the new sensations.
  9. Open your eyes and go about your day knowing that your heart has been freed from the chains of the past.
After integrating this process you may want to come in for a treatment so I can anchor it within your body-brain system.

From my heart to yours, sending you love,

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