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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

TRUST: Where Did It Go?

Trust is a tricky thing. You sense that it is there. You've created and nurtured it and then, all of a sudden, something happens that blows that trust right out of the water. When this happens, you may wonder if the Universe is on your side or not.

When what you have planned goes in another direction, our first instinct is to act - make changes, look at what we did wrong, or blame another. But there is value in a difficult situation. There is a reason why it is being presented to you in this way, at this time, and less action and more observance may be what is required.

Take a moment to sit and watch your emotional reactivity. Recall a similar felt sensation. Perhaps it stems all the way back to your childhood. If the feeling feels familiar, it may be calling to you to be seen and integrated into your aligned being at this time.

Here's a process you might like to try for healing old wounds:
  1. Stay with the emotions that arise. Do not judge them. Just be the observer.
  2. See if any memories come to mind. Is this emotion a familiar childhood experience?
  3. In your daily meditation practice, set the intention to integrate the feeling that came up.
  4. Don't try to analyze it or let the left brain take over.
  5. Let go of any expectations of what the answer should be or why you should get an answer.
  6. The integration could come in as a message or a felt sensation within your body.
  7. Anything that comes in is valid.
  8. Now you can take action to straighten out what happened from a place of power, not controlled by emotions.
Let me know how this experience works for you.

Many blessings,

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