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Monday, June 22, 2015

How Do You Become a Vessel of Light?

In my last blog I spoke of how we can bring the light from the peaceful places we travel, back into our cities. Today I will give you the steps to accomplish this.

We are already composed of light energy  It is within our cellular structure, but the intellectual part of us sometimes requires a visual to bring this into our awareness. There is so much that we know and feel in our esoteric being, but the thinking part of us denies this presence. In this visualization we will give the left brain the information it seeks so the right brain can feel the love.

1. Imagine, if you will, your body open to receiving the physical light which is apparent in sunlight.
2. Give this image the sensation of warmth.
3. Feel it on the outside of your body.
4. Allow it to penetrate past the many layers of your skin.
5. Follow it into your fatty tissue. Focus on a part of your body which feels tension.
6. Let the light float into your tendons and muscles, especially the ones that hold discomfort.
7. The light from the cosmos now fills each and every organ.
8. Let it intensify into any organ that calls to your attention.
9. Bathe it with this light which is comprised of love.
10. Imagine a single cell in your body. See it as a chalice.
11. Fill it with this light.
12. Replicate this image throughout every cell in your body.
13. Notice the sensation this creates. It could be a buzzing vibration, a humming sound, or something that is felt but difficult to explain in words.
14. Know that you will sense something.
15. Now you are attuned to the light which you are.
16. Allow this light from your cells to overflow into your world and those around you.

During the day, expand this light into any situation you see which requires an adjustment. Merely imagine this light overflowing from the inside out. It comes from your cells, radiates throughout your body and overflows into that scenario. That is all it takes. The light will pervade.

In the Light,
Marnie Vincolisi

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