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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Be An Ambassador of the Light

This week I have been visiting the beautiful Sierra Mountains. There is light in our sacred mountains and no matter where you live, in any part of the world, this stands true. Our job is to bring this light back to our cities and plains for the people who reside there.  Here’s how you can be an ambassador of the light:

When you arrive in the mountains, imagine yourself as a vessel and fill yourself up with light each and every day you are in these peaks that touch the sky. There is no need for long meditations to do this, unless that is your guidance. Just visualize being a scepter that holds and directs the essence of light and love.

To be an ambassador of light on this earthly plane does not require a lot of time and effort, merely an intention. Please join me as we travel to locations outside our homes during this time of vacations and holidays. We can gather the light and the sacred energy of the places we are drawn to for relaxation and bring it back to those who are locked in the cities or their minds.

Freedom is in your thoughts,
Marnie Vincolisi

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