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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall is in the Air

So what is falling around you? Are pounds falling away? Or do you have that as a goal? Are you working on letting go of outdated beliefs? Is it time to move away from people and institutions that no longer serve your highest order?

Whatever your intent, now is the time to activate this desire by allowing nature to support you. If you think about it, the earth is mostly nature. Did you know we comprise only 8% of the earth? Look around you. Compare your size to what lies around you. As you stand outside notice the amount of mass you take up compared to the trees, plants, ground, oceans, mountains, and other species.

We are so minute compared to the power of nature so use this force to your advantage. As you observe the leaves falling from the trees or the color falling away from the plants, allow this movement to support your desired intent. Life is meant to be enjoyable. It does not need to be a constant challenge. Fall into nature and let her support you. It really can be that easy.

Marnie Vincolisi

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