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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Life is Full of Reflections

Reflections are not just what you see in the mirror. They are ever present and all around you.

Take a moment to look at a distressing event that is currently in play. What is it telling you? Is there something there that you are denying in yourself? Could it be an old pattern from childhood? Do not make this a story and judge yourself? Instead, allow it to be an observation that encourages you to feel deep compassion for yourself.

Let me share how applying this technique has aided me in my search for truth. I have noticed of late that there are people in my life who are not seeing me for who I am. This is frustrating and creates judgments--both of them by me and of me by them. This is not a healthy pattern for me to carry. When this happens more than two or three times, I know it is time to address the issue. So I put forth the intention to change it.

I was not clear as to where this pattern stemmed from so I turned to the wisdom of a higher power. I asked Spirit, that all knowing part of me, to reveal the truth about the appearance of these unkind issues. I can run issues in my head for hours with no apparent conclusions, but when I verbalize my concerns to another, I hear it differently and the message appears. There is no need to dwell on the issue. Merely mentioning my search for the truth to be revealed opens the doorway and the answer appears.

When tears form in my eyes and I get choked up, I know I have touched the core of my issue. The people who appeared were just players on a stage playing out the story of my life. They were showing me my old pattern as a child who felt invisible to those around her. I was not seen as the divine spark that I was and am. It was not out of malice that this happened. They were just busy navigating through life themselves. Once seen, it all falls away as does my attachment to who and what is happening in my life.

I am most grateful for the gift of inner sight. It does not happen without the interplay of others in our life. As the saying goes, “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

Marnie Vincolisi

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