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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Out of Energy?

Being out of energy is an illusion. You cannot ever be out of energy because you are surrounded by energy; it is literally all around you. What has happened is that you have put your attention elsewhere and therefore allowed your energy to go towards other thoughts, but you still have energy. I will show you how you can quickly reclaim the energy you have redirected.

The air is jam packed with oxygen molecules. Each molecule has protons, electrons and neutrons. An electron will move around the nucleus at the speed of 2,200 kilometers per second which is 1% the speed of light which will allow an electron to go around the earth in 18 seconds. Now with that kind of speed around your body it is not logical that your become tired.

Try this experiment when you are exhausted.
  • Notice where your thoughts are taking you - past, present or future situations.
  • Stop that reoccurring thought process by saying, “Stop!”
  • Then put your attention on the molecules around your body.
  • Imagine you are walking in a sea of energy, which you are.

I usually find my energy will come back up in less than five minutes. Let me know what happens for you.

Marnie Vincolisi 

NASA Photo: Veil Nebula Supernova Remnant. If you would like to see what NASA has found in the Universe, try this link - I find the images are great to meditate upon.

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